Suggestion Allow Crowdfunding Bounties (Homebrew & Related Requests)

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    Here are a few examples of how this could be helpful for the community.

    Satisfying Niche Demands for New Apps & Obscure Fixes/improvements in Existing ones

    Certain ideas for new apps or potential improvements & fixes to existing apps MIGHT only benefit a handful of people OR sufficient demand does exists but the issue at hand is not important enough to prioritize over others; With this type of crowdfunding it would help to escalate such issues/requests to a higher priority (if not saved from being neglected/forgotten about entirely) and may even encourage higher quality submissions (in the event multiple users are competing for the same bounty).

    Encourage assistance of more complicated/involved issues.

    Requests for assistance that may require more involvement than could reasonably be provided for free (Such as my request for help finding/making a particular cheat code for a not so mainstream game) would be more likely to receive assistance in that a tangible reward would be guaranteed (where a more common issue can be answered in a sentence or two at MOST if not a few words or a link(s)).

    GBAtemp Gains Additional Revenue Source (Depends)

    If officially permitted, the decision to either passively allow or actively facilitate such transactions would be up to the GBAtemp Staff, and as such this puts them in a position to make their own demands; In particular, this could be done in the form of collecting a certain percentage from each successfully raised bounty upon completion of the corresponding requests.

    Now of course, there would be potential causes for concern all of which may help to explain why such processes are either not common on here (As far as I am aware) if not prohibited outright (the Terms & Rules do not appear to confirm or disavow of such activity, aside from prohibiting requests/offers for Warez & other illegal products/services).

    Defining Boundaries (Prohibited VS Permitted Requests)

    The main issue I foresee would be the need for GBAtemp Staff to draw a line as far as what activities will be permitted to crowdfund a bounty for; Obviously, requests should be sufficiently tech/game related, but more importantly would be the need to prohibit fundraising of activities which may infringe copyright laws or otherwise would constitute any other illegal act in and of itself.

    Degree of Involvement (Providing a Sub Forum VS Handling Funds)

    Of course, If GBAtemp were to take a more involved role in these transactions (IE: Acting as a middleman and taking a predetermined percentage of the bounty raised as payment upon successful completion), as opposed to simply permitting the activity in the designated sub-forum, that would naturally create additional complications to consider; However, if handled properly I believe that the financial incentives would ultimately outweigh the costs of involvement.

    Fortunately, none of that proactive involvement would be an absolute requirement to the suggestion at hand, (although it would help protect both buyers & sellers alike from the most common scams) and The potential alternative source of revenue would be nothing to sneeze at either I would imagine.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion, I look forward to hearing thoughts from others. I spent way too much time on this, lol :rofl2:.
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    I dont think we have ever "forbidden" such things? so I am not sure what you mean when you ask us to allow this
    We probably wont be able to run our own bounty system, but feel free to run a Patreon or other sites that do this
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    Hi Costello,

    I apologize for my misunderstanding, I probably should have asked mods to clarify if this was an activity that would be permitted in advance; In that case, would it be possible to to add a sub forum to the "Trading Area" for posting bounties perhaps?

    That way there is an official place for these types of request and it is made clear to future interested parties that such request are permitted.

    Thank you for taking time to address this thread; I think a designated sub forum would be a great thing to have for this purpose, even if it would be largely left up to buyers to use caution regarding whom they decide to work with, it would be better than nothing.
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