Allison Road Leaves Kickstarter in favor of Team17

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Tom Bombadildo, Oct 12, 2015.

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    I forgot

    You might remember Allison Road from the prototype gameplay that followed the announcement of the cancellation of Silent Hills and the removal of P.T., the playable teaser that inspired the game, from the PSN Store. Around the end of September, developer Lilith Ltd. started up a Kickstarter to fund the game development, raising £145,959 (or ~$224,000 USD) towards the game development.

    And now Lilith Ltd. has announced that instead of going for the newfangled crowdfunding way of game development, they decided to cancel the Kickstarter and partner up with Team17, the devs/publishers of the popular Worms games (among others).

    From the Kickstarter update:
    Great news for Lilith Ltd, but what about those who already donated money to the Kickstarter? Of course, as per Kickstarter terms the money will be refunded, but what about the rewards?
    Definitely an interesting turn of events for the horror game, I'm curious to see how much/if Team17 will try to change anything in the game before release.

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  2. RemixDeluxe

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    I pledged for this game too. There's no reason they could of continued the kickstarter AND stuck with Team17 for publishing. I know they will be treated right under their care but I feel cheated that they pulled the plug on the kickstarter before it ended.
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  3. HaloEffect17

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    Interesting little game from the pre-gameplay. Its got a nice survival and sinister vibe to it.
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    Wow usually old has beens go to kickstarter to fund new games, not new games go to has beens to get funds.

    What a strange world we live in.
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    I'm sure there were some legal reasons for this or they would have kept it going. Corporations can easily put all of that crowdfunding money into different buckets and areas of their business not dedicated directly to that specific games development, which would cause a big headache for them come tax time.
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    I never knew about this game until now. I am a huge fan of horror games and have played all the Silent Hill games. This has the same vibe as PT and really look forward to it in the future! I have yet to find a game that really makes me scared which is what I am after. Fatal Frame was close. PT was the closest one so far.
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    I've been a fan of Team17 since their beginnings (I still own EVERY Amiga title they released, minus the CD32 releases), and am always keen to see what pies they have their fingers in... but, as much as I loved their glory days, I'm well aware they're not the 'brand' that they used to be.
    I really hope this is good news for a game that, although promising, has been shrouded in gloom so far.
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