All USB loaders kill/freeze DVD drive

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    I have a D2pro D2e with wiiclip on my Wii. This has worked fairly well for a couple years. I have recently went about adding a USB hdd so I can run the games from images there. I have this working, using either HomeBrew loaders or a loader installed as a channel.

    Here is the problem I'm running into:

    I want to rip/install some of the games I have on disc, originals and backups to the USB hdd. If I remove the D2pro chip, I can copy original discs flawlessly. If I have the D2pro installed, any usb loader I start up, kills the DVD drive. The D2pro chip turns on a solid red light and the disc slot blinks blue erratically. This is for original and backups. The usb loader will not read the DVD and at this point, I can't eject the disc either. I have to reset the Wii, and usually have to pull the power plug several times to get it working properly again. Also, sometimes I can't even run a game from the USB loader when the D2pro chip is installed and the DVD drive becomes screwed.

    Should I be able to have the mod chip installed and install games from discs with a USB loader? If so, what could be my problem? Firmware/code for the mod chip? Wrong/bad IOS? What?

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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    the easy solution would the to leave it out
    it does nothing softmods cant

    but i guess you dont want that

    i dont know much about modchips but many can be configured
    try disabling some options, iirc update blocking was problematic