All screens in BlueDump are empty on my wii u

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  1. nisusa

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    Feb 5, 2014
    Hi All,
    I am on Blue dump alpha 3 on my wii u 4.0.3. I am trying to install d2x cios and i am trying to dump ios56, 57 and 58, with bluedump. But on all options, 1 - system titles, 10000 - disc savedata and 10001 - titles, all of them are empty when i press 1 to see the options. only the top bar with backup savedata, restore savedata and backup to wad appears under select what to do. other than that the page is empty. any ideas?

    Solution found: Used blue dump alpha 4 from link below and it works fine.

    I got exception dsi occurred with blue dump alpha 4 but i was able to backup the wad files with Yet Another BlueDump MOD
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