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    Hello again, everyone.

    I know it's been ages, and for that, I apologize. Many of you no doubt remember me, but I've been gone so long that I'm reasonably convinced that several of you have no idea who I am. Hence my decision to throw this in the Introductions forum (though that, I admit, was shaped partly by my love of sad irony).

    When I joined GBAtemp, it was a few days after we'd got an Invision forum (before that, if you didn't know, the community was a guestbook run off of KiVan's personal rom site). Since then, I think I'm the only member to have existed in no less than five separate member categories (Member, Magazine Staff, Moderator, Global Moderator, Supervisor). I was also the third member to end up with a custom title (right after neocat and Dice, back when the required number was 1000 posts). I think, though, that I'm most remembered for the infamous "Tempest Posts" -- posts which in and of themselves can be likened in length to short essays, usually sparking or responding to debate.

    I had just turned 18 when I started. I'm halfway through my 21st year now. GBAtemp's been a part of me for nearly as long as university has been.

    Over the last few months in particular, I've become so bogged down with classwork and other minor obsessions that I have had to withdraw from society in general. This semester is absolutely killer for workload -- I have had to sleep overnight in the labs on more than one occasion simply to get the job done. You see, I'm in my fourth year of physics at university, and although I'm finished with my physics courses themselves, I'm not done with lab work -- this time in computer science and cognitive science (an interdisciplinary field; look it up on Wikipedia if you're curious, as if I start explaining it, I'll ramble on for pages, and my intent for this post will be lost in the flotsam). Essentially, running artificial neural network simulations of psychological concepts and interpreting the internal structure (distributed representations) of such networks in an attempt to learn more about how the mind works is fascinating, but terribly, terribly time consuming. This is on top of tutoring in most of my courses (most of them are below me, I admit -- I need a GPA boost to get into grad school next year) and other real-life responsibilities. And exams are coming up this month.

    I admit that I've let my responsibilities as a Supervisor slide, and I don't see that situation changing any time soon. Especially since I have far too much work to do over the summer. In GBA-related news, my SP is on permanant loan to my cousin, and I haven't got the cables necessary to use my flashcard with my replacement (a micro) yet.

    As a result, I think it would be for the best that another North American supervisor be named, and that I be reduced to Members (or one of the 'Former' member groups), which is more fitting what I can actually provide to this place now.

    I don't want to abandon GBAtemp, and I don't plan on it -- as soon as time becomes more available, I will return and give it my best as always. I'll make it a point to drop in from time to time as well.

    It's been wonderful, and I love this place. I look forward to the time when I can return here again as more than just a ghost of my former existence.

    I wish everyone the best of luck here. I should still be easy to contact if people just want to chat, though I won't guarantee I'll be available at any given moment. And my one biggest regret about this post is that I've made too many friends here to individually send a message to all of you -- and if I send a personal message to those of you who have a very special place in my heart (you know who you are), then I'll be playing favorites, which is something I don't want to do on a (temporary) farewell. Besides, I'm still technically a Supervisor, and part of that job was to look at everybody equally. I don't think I can respond to several hundred people and keep this under Invision's built-in character limit (though our genius techs may have bypassed that; I wouldn't put it past them).

    So, one last time (at least for now...):

    -Tempest out.-

    Zo, tell me. Vich part uf dis, eksactly, iz de April Fül's Day gag?
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    Good luck with studying and everything, we'll miss you and your posts, even if it is temporarily...

    Hooray for Tempest Stormwind!
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    wait this isn't an introduction...
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    W00TTT... Tempest is gone.. now when does puck get banned? or forced out?


    actually, without a nemesis.. ill really miss tempest [​IMG]

    promote eyestrain, and all of it iz de April Fül's Day gag? Do I win a prize?
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    I'm so confused...
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    See you buddy!

    Zo, tell me. Vich part uf dis, eksactly, iz de April Fül's Day gag?
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    My eyes! They hurt. Darn you!
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    yes... my eyes bleed too, good to see the tempest is still going strong
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    Well, I must say that there is one group (title) that Tempest will NEVER be a part of, and thats the Banned! ones. Good luck with school Tempest!