1. Norman3000

    OP Norman3000 GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 14, 2008
    Games I Finally Finished! Whoa after 13 Years of playing I finished these games! Im sixteen now and i still am playing!

    FAMICOM- Nostalgic console, i played this alone mostly:

    Legend Of Kage- It took me 12 Years to finish this! i finished it last year wow what a feeling

    Gradius- Wow An airplane game i loved so much! Just finished this a couple of days ago with nes ds' L and R function

    Megaman 3- Hardest one no charged shot?! WTF?!

    Megaman 4- Not that memorable

    Megaman 5- Wow a very cool megaman i still have the cartridge working

    Megaman 6- MY most favorite NES game evah! Knightman and Tomahawk man are just too cool, oh and the rush jet

    Super Mario Bros 2- The one that went 'tanantantanantantan' i needed my cousins help to finish this game

    Adventure Island- I really thought the character in here and mario are related

    Super Mario Bros 3- Had a hard time with this baby i liked to play with many audiene before

    GAMEBOY COLOR- Portable gaming never felt so good with this baby in my pocket, sinple graphics awwwed me into giving each game all day fun:

    Pokemon Yellow- MY most favorite pokemon of all

    Pokemon Silver/ Crystal- Good Times! Catching Lugia Hooh and the other are just challenging especially those dogs

    Wario Land 3- Longest GBC game i've played! still working on my gbc, good times good times

    Megaman Xtreme- X just looks cool doing hadouken and shoryuken

    Megaman Xtreme 2- X and Zero Together?! Wow! very awesome!

    PLAYSTATION ONE- MY console which i can only play on summer so i can focus on my studies! Up until now I am still the only one in our neighborhood who has this console! My neighbors come to my house to play:

    Resident Evil 2- The Best Survival Horror on the ps1!

    Megaman X4- Cool game and story especially Zero's

    Megaman X5- Not liked it much the story is too kiddie

    Megaman X6- Another pinnacle! very very cool black ultimate x? don mand if i do! lol

    Marvel VS Capcom- Playing with friends on everday is just awesome

    Dragonball GT- Yah it sucks but we liked it

    Hercules- I loved this film the moment i saw it i also loved the game

    Toy Story- Awesome graphics my mom didnt like this because of the annoying camera

    Metal Slug- The first one and its just too good

    Metal SLug X and 2- BEcoming a mummy and using a plane is just sweeT yeah you also become fat! lol

    Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone- The game my whole family watched me as i play i liked the final battle with voldemort! The room was filled with suspense from my familys reaction

    Harry Potter And The Caheber Of Secret- Like sorcerer stone it was just too great, i was disappointed on how the other sequels on the ps2 was lame

    WWF! Smackdown 2 Know Your Role- Coolest Wrestling game evah! Also an all family must watch especially if the match is between MANNY PACQUIAO and UNDERTAKER!

    Tekken 3- Dont even get me started! this is my most favorite fighting and Tekken Game the graphics is just wow and filled with cutscenes and wow the stories man! wow!

    GAMEBOY ADVANCE- My FAvorite handheld i liked this better than my ds!

    Final Fantasy DAwn Of Souls- Cool value two gems in one cartridge! i love this!

    Final Fantasy Five- Changing jobs and using a two handedKnight is just too cool!

    Final Fantasy Six- The Story is just very captivating! VEry mature and boosted my imagination so much especuially kefka's Laugh!

    Final Fantasy Four- My Most Favorite FF of all! I imagined cecil to be me and my gf as Rosa, wow it made me awwwwwwww and kilig so much

    *kilig- A tagalog word meaning what you feel when you blush,

    Pokemon Leaf Green- The extended story made me play this!

    Pokemon Emerald- The pokemon names may be lame and stupid but the game is just very good

    Tekken Advance- Cool portable fighting

    Advance Wars Black Hole Rising- The challenge is just too cool and challenging i held this for a month! avery cool purchase with cool sound gameplay and cute graphics!

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy- Coolest YuGiOh on gba! those tests are just too cool!

    Need For Speed Underground 2- Cool RAcing game with tons of upgarades! FElls ;like athe pc version imho

    Megaman Zero 4- Long time since played one of these and its still challenging especially hard mode!

    Mario Kart Super Circuit- So many races and tracks it took me a month!

    Super Mario Advance 2- A very long game with lots of secret to keep you glued just too cool!

    Super MArio Advance 4- Whoa! I played it again and it still has unequivocal charm! Mario is just too good to be given up even for a teenager like me

    Metal Slug Advance- A new metal slug with the crappy hp bar but still its so good you wont be able to resist! why fight it? you'll eventually get sucked

    Legend Of Zelda Minish Cap- Too cute and cool my grandma even played this!

    CAstlevania Aria Of Sorrow- Fantastic game! and a fantastic story with many charms that'll keep you ciming back! this is just very cool to be missed! It also had a cool sequel!

    Dragonball Z Supersonic Warriors- The best gba fighting seeing those cool moves woth a lot of voice clips and cool graphics are just super cool! kamehameha!

    NINTENDO DS- Whoa my latest cool handheld which is also a multimedia device! In my school, im the only one that has this baby! I love you DSTT! Though i havent played with WiFi, still looking for a wireless router, anybody want to danate?

    Metroid Prime Hunters- MY Only Original DS Game! Graphics sound repley! perfect! I did not mind the price tag for what it gave me was more than what my money is worth!

    ADvance Wars DAys Of Ruin-The game and the story is just cool i found myself grieving over Brenner's DEath, i felt happy for the civilians as they were freed from evil and i was also annoyed with the mayor! lol

    Apollo Justice- The Fourth one of the series and still hasnt aged! the game is just too cool!

    Bleach- The BEst DS Fighting game

    Call Of Duty 4- The GRaphics are just astounding so is the gameplay! The ds could really flex its muscles

    Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow- Just freaking cool sequel i loved the parts where Soma and Mina are being teased and as they blush they look like a nice couple

    Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin- Charlotte was too cute and the Vampire Killer was just too cool, the final battle was also cool! DEath And Dracula Tag Team attck? What are the odds?

    Dementium The Ward- I finished this with a hell lot of cheat the story was cool graphics are great the atmosphere is chilling! My girl classmate playedthis at school and she screamed everytime my ds almost got confiscated! lol

    Dragonball Z Supersonic Warriors 2- More of the saem still i prefer the first

    Elite Beat Agents- Ha ha ha badeya say the you remember! A very innovative and cool game! Almost all my classmate play this when they borrow my ds, our favorite SOng SEPTEMBER! BADEYA!

    Mario Kart DS- Would i forget the greatest racing game on the ds? Cool wth one cart eight players? beating eight people at once just feels good

    Naruto Ninja Destiny- Crappiest Fighting Game I Have ever played!

    Ninja Gaiden Dradon Sword- The Graphics are freaking cool especiall boss fights! those monster are just wow

    Phoenix Wright- The Game I just played out of boredom and i loved it so much! Among the four this is my favorite especially the fouth turnabout!

    Phoenix Wright Justice For All- Least my favorite but still cool story especially the second and the last!

    Phoenix Wright Trials And Tribulations- Third of them and i loved this so much! The plot the twists and turns are just too good, the creators mustve been very imaginative to think of these cool stories

    Pokemon Pearl- Yeah this is a crap game especially that Bidoof but tearing my buddies pokemon with mewtwo never gets old! lol

    The Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass- I did not like Link here at first but i soon loved this game! The story maybe simple but the puzzles and bossfights are overwhelming

    The Simpsons Game- A VEry short game but its very cool! Its also the game which made me laugh the most!

    Trauma Center- Another DS Ace! Oh how i would like to create those GUILT and take over the world! hahahahahahhahahah

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller- With similarities to Duel Academy but this one is just like the anime and much longer

    Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008- The greatest crad battle ever made goes to the ds! just too cool!

    Last But Not Least Is

    Final Fantasy IV DS- Though its japanese i still played and loved this and i cant wait for the english version, it just so KILIG! the love story is very very romantic! lol


    REsident Evil DS
    Megaman ZX
    Megaman ZX ADvent
    Final Fantasy Crtystal Chronicles
    Final Fantasy XII REvenant Wings
    Final Fantasy III
    New Super Mario Brothers
    Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
    Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess

    Yeah i also have a Wii but i havent finished asingle game yet and im having a PS2 Later On

    And those are all of the games i have finished im still playin up to now, you guys what have you finished?
  2. Pyrofyr

    Pyrofyr GBAtemp Maniac

    Apr 24, 2008
    United States
    Nice list. You make me want to make one, or better yet, I need to start going back and beating all the games I never finished. O_O;
  3. altorn

    altorn GBAtemp Maniac

    Jul 15, 2007
    Hmm, you might be starting a thread with very long replies.... Here's a list with brief gists:

    Super Mario Bros. - first video game i've ever played. summer of 1996. Great memories with this.
    Totally RAD - cool music and transformations.
    Legend of Kage - yes, wanted to be a ninja too, story is good (although no script), very invigorating.
    Snake Rattle and Roll - yes, funky music too. Played with friends in multiplayer.
    Abadox - i was scared of this though i finished it all the way.

    Super Mario World(?) - loved the music. And as usual, classic mario action.
    Pokemon Red - 1st pokemon game ever finished... outstanding. played it for a couple of weeks.
    King of Fighters - i loved iori. played through the story mode in a few hours.

    Gameboy color:
    Pokemon Yellow - I just love this game, loved the story taking another path from Pokemon Red.
    Pokemon GSC - GREATEST pokemon games so far. Lots of emotions poured into these games.
    (bought the cartridges myself, first time)
    Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages - took me weeks with this game but no walkthroughs or cheats used, felt good to finish it, also got carried with the story. Fantastic game.

    Gameboy Advanced:
    This is where i started using emulators. Though i have the system, games are too much to buy. I loved many, but had little.
    Pokemon Ruby - good graphics and story.
    Goldensun and GS 2- best RPG so far.
    Boktai - innovative, made my skin darker. too much sun.

    ROMS :
    Kingdom Hearts - nice story, first of the series ive played.
    Minish Cap - i enjoyed the puzzles and colors.
    Pokemon Emerald - hey, another pokemon, gotta try it though.
    Pokemon FR and LG - hey, another pokemon, gotta try it though.
    Mario and Luigi SS - great RPG. Loved the music and humor. Sprites are awesome too. Names are....
    Klonoa - good sidescroller.
    Megaman Zero 1-4 - great sidescroller.
    Final Fantasy Tactics - great story and great tactical battle system.
    Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem:Sacred Stones and Fire Emblem:Sealed Sword - best GBA tactics.
    Advance Wars - good GBA tactics.
    Harvest Moon FIMT- spent half a year w/ this game, just cant get over the addiction. Married Elli. Cute.
    Summon Knight - very good RPG with customizable weapons and skills. addicted with this too.

    Nintendo 64:
    Legend of Zelda : Majoras Mask - fantastic adventure game, great graphics. Still great.
    Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time - by far the best action adventure game yet.
    Conker's Bad Fur Day - he doesnt care for others except Berry. Great story, patched up from other titles like The Matrix, Alien, etc. Loved those parts.

    Nintendo DS:
    Big Brain Academy - first game i've played and "finished".
    Metroid Prime Hunters - great graphics. Controls are great too. takes getting used to but good.
    Mario and Luigi Partners in Time - a little less than its GBA counterpart.
    Phoenix Wright 1 - great story. Makes you think hard and forget about homework.
    Phoenix Wright Justice for all - great twists. Makes you think its your homework.
    Phoenix Wright Trials and Tribulations - many breathtaking revelations, makes you miss your meals.
    Apollo Justice - good story, took me a week to finish. SHocking though.
    Ninja Gaiden - great game, great controls, great graphics, short story.
    Legend of Zelda PH - great Windwaker derived graphics, my stylus get into view while playing.
    Advance Wars DS - good story, innovative and great soundtrack. played in the washroom/toilet.
    Advance Wars DoR - great story, didnt like the zoom in capability....
    The World Ends With You - good game, good music, complex but fun controls.
    Trace Memory - clues clues clues. like the story.
    Viewtiful Joe - "Kwoo!!!", love the action.
    Asphalt Urban GT 2 - best racing game within the circle of handhelds and consoles i've played.
    Final Fantasy 3 - great RPG.
    Professor Layton - i like the puzzles but the story is a bit branched out.
    Hoshigami Remix - meh.
    Sonic Rush - great sidescroller. dashing sidescroller.
    Lunar Knights - better than Boktai.
    Dragonball Supersonic Warriors 2 - great fighting game for DS.

    Onimusha 3 - great RPG, great graphics and twists. 2 heroes and 1 destiny.
    Fable the lost chapters - oh man great.
    Final Fantasy VII for PC - great mysterious story, makes me feel like playing Goldensun. Twists.
    Final Fantast VIII for PC - meh. but still finished. liked to see the summons.

    Playstation Portable:
    Crisis Core Final Fantasy - i like this game a lot. loved Advent Children and FFVII. story is great.
    God of War - he just doesnt die does he?? great graphics and story, i especially love medieval and mythological influenced stories.

    I told you. It will be a long thread.
  4. Norman3000

    OP Norman3000 GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 14, 2008
    Ayos lang yun binabasa ko naman yun eh tsaka tnitingnan ko din mga criticism sa mga larong linalaro nyo hahahhaha

    TRans: Thats ok i read them all to kill time, i also like to read your thoughts about the games you play!
  5. Deleted User

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    Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER'S Stone is a fun game. I had it on my PSP [​IMG]
  6. altorn

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    Jul 15, 2007
    but the Order of the Phoenix for the PSP is such a sucker.... [​IMG]
  7. Norman3000

    OP Norman3000 GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 14, 2008
    Yah, i cant believ almost all harry potter, besides the book suck! Especially those films which are just too corny! the first two films were great the rest suck!

    Bite me hp fans lol
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