Alittle help please.. Confused??

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    First off i would like to appoligize as i know their are many topics like this but having searched i am more confused than i started. Okay i have got my wii back and read around alot and getting very tired, getting so many mixed messages im not sure what to do unless i go practicul and end up bricking my wii.

    Okay i im running 3.4e PAL, i have a hard mod "wiikey 1" with the 1.9s pal disc installed says it wont get foreign upadtes off discs, as i remember it fixed smash brothers brawl aswell as an update from log ago that made super mario galaxy work. I have installed homebrew channel long ago the beta 9 and when it found the wifi connetion it updated to something like 1.0.x.x or something like that anyways.
    I would like to run games off a hard drive and also to play back ups as i know the wiikey 1 has been scarpped for the newer games as they look for 4+ updates. What exactly do i need to do to softmod this so i may play the later games such as mario galaxy 2.

    A step by step guide would be very appreciated.
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    Just follow this guide. You can use this guide even if you have a modchip. My Wii has a chip and it's also soft-modded.