AKAIO on R4i Gold direct boot but not load games.

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by blueshockz, Oct 23, 2010.

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    Oct 23, 2010
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    Just experimenting with my r4igold sicne woodR4 for r4iGold just came out. Using the WoodR4 dsmenu.dat and akmenu4.nds files then renaming AKAIO __aio folder to __rpg then I can direct boot the akaio firmware. But the problem is with the game it says micro sd card not compatible (something like that)I only got one sd card which is a kingston 4GB sdhc. Is the akaio an open source?maybe the r4igold team can find solution for this or not. Please stop flaming the developers of the clones not because I am a supporter of them but because of those deveoper, clone or not clone developer they make useful things and make the ds community much more alive. We all know sooner maybe ds will die because there is no developer that is willing to make a project for ds, just like what happen to psp community dark-alex is gone team Gen is gone and only some people (like Prometheus) are continuing their project by making some modification on it. We dont know what will happen if 3DS comes out maybe we have a year to enjoy our flashcart because the developer knew if the 3DS community becomes much larger they will abandoned the DS community the worst thing that happen if they transfer to a new interest or project like the ps3 or coming ps4. What i am saying is stop criticizing peoples work if they steal it to other developer just keep quiet. ignore them. maybe someday they are the one giving as fixes on the ds. I believe we are all leecher of this world wide web. ryt? Like R4igold some says they are a clone but they are the fastest in giving firmware update even in acekardi fix I can see the r4igold update on the screen. Im both r4igold and acekard user no offense or anything. So lets just be grateful on what we have now and be happy that there are people want to learn and deveoping a project for the ds. I Thank you all specially for all the developers out there.

    -please respect my post i dont meant to be flamed or anything.
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    Sep 13, 2009
    its nice that you are experimenting and all but AKAIO was not made for clones there is version 1.5.1 which was cracked by Rudolph
    but I think its only for Acekard clones the R4i-Gold is a TTDS clone