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    Mar 14, 2009
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    I recently made the mistake of showing my wife Bejeweled Twist, now I can't get ahold of my flashcart to play the games I want to play [​IMG]

    I have a DS, a DSi, an ak2i and an old original R4. Since I have credit at my local gamestop (otherwise I'd just order another ak2i), what I'd like to do is get a Bejeweled Twist cart and transfer her game save to it from the ak2i. Then put all the old games she likes on the R4 (mario kart, NSMB, tetris) and be good to go.

    I know there has not been a patch released for BT to work on the R4 (which would have made this all much simpler) and that the sav file is what is currently keeping it from working. Does anybody have any idea if it will work with savsender before I go and get the cart?

    She just broke 1,000,000 points the other day and would kick my ass if she had to start over [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance.

    ***after posting this I realize that it's not so much ak2i related and probably should have gone somewhere else. sorry, force of habit since this is the only place i check on the ds forum.
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