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    here's some tips i thought i might post for RPG users.

    1. Japanese Characters:
    as it was mentioned in the gbatemp review, the english language setting can't view japanese characters, so when you check out rom info on japanese roms, it won't display it properly.
    but since the japanese language setting does support english characters, you can work around it.
    copy language.txt from __rpg\language\lang_en
    replacing the original in __rpg\language\lang_jp
    now set the language setting to japanese and you have the all english menus with JP character support.

    2. Flash Memory:
    A no-brainier - keep your most demanding roms (castlevania, downhill jam etc) on the flash memory if you want to ensure no slowdown etc if you don't trust the microsd.

    3. MicroSD memory:
    Not much point running your homebrew from flash memory (only bonus to that is FAT reading will probably be faster), because most normal homebrew is copied fully to DS ram (as with most cards when booting thus the 4meg limitations) before running (so there is no speed benefit etc like there may be with roms), and microSD write speeds are faster so homebrew with FAT write abilities will write faster.

    4. Savetypes:
    Rom won't boot or save error messages? check the savetype, as very occasionally the RPG gets it wrong and will need to be set manually. Alternately you can download the original acekard savelist.bin and place it in the __rpg directory if you don't trust the auto detection. (this may need to be renamed to replace the savelistex.bin, though i'm not sure since i haven't tested it)

    maybe i will add more later.
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    Great start for a "guide"
    I'm currently thinking about buying a R.P.G but can't find any good place to buy it.. anyone know when/if it will come to DX??
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    Dec 1, 2007
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    It's only available at Bamboo Gaming but they are sold out at the moment.
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    Feb 19, 2007
    I have another point, to guide. If saves of the game dont work and for the place of save (.nds.sav) were made file called .nds.savv , rename name of the game to full name (with number of rom at beggining of name) and everything will work fine (i dont know why but it works)