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    This is a serious topic, even though it probably won't turn out that way. This topic is particularly aimed at people who own both a Xbox 360 and a Sony Playstation 3 or neither. If you own one in particular, I ask that you speak for the console you own, rather than the opposing console. With that, let's start.

    I currently do not on a PS3 or a 360. All I have is a Wii, a DS, and 2 PSP's. Most online comparisons are outdated, so I want a current perspective on which console would be better for ME. Not for anyone else, but for ME.

    Xbox 360:
    • More of my friends actually own one
    • Graphics seem to be superior than the PS3 on every existing game
    • Xbox Live
    • Region Locking
    • Limited Space
    • Lack of gaming genres that I find appealing
    • No Bluetooth support
    • Needs to purchase wireless adapter

    Playstation 3:

    • Expandable Memory
    • Blu-ray Player
    • Universal Media Device
    • Exclusive Games
    • Superior Controller (My Opinion)
    • Choppy graphics on games compared to their 360 counterpart
    • Lack of friends who actually own one
    • Expensive price
    • Guitar Hero / Rock Band support f***ed up
    Now, as everyone knows, FFXIII was announced for 360. This shocked the entire gaming community and me in particular. So as of now, these are the only games that are exclusive to each console that have me sold.

    Xbox 360:
    • Tales of Vesperia
    • Halo 3
    Playstation 3:
    • Disgaea 3
    • Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    Planning to play regardless of console:
    • Call of Duty 4
    • Resident Evil 5
    • Final Fantasy XIII
    • Mirror's Edge
    • Guitar Hero: World Tour
    • Rock Band II
    A couple of sidenotes...:
    • Rock Band: Japan has been announced. I love Japanese music, and the only way to play this game locally is through a Playstation 3 as the region is the same for Japan and the United States.
    • At E3, a new dashboard update has been announced for the 360 which looks VERY appealing.
    *Will update if anything comes to mind.