Adviced needed: Just bought a 32gb card to go along with my 16gb. What do I do next?

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    So I want to be able to use both cards and swap them out as I please, and I've seen the vitatoolbox & memcardswap vpks but I'm not sure what I should do with them.

    Do I need to back up anything before running the swap? Do I need to reinstall henkaku every swap? ect ect ect. Can I format the 32gb card w/out uninstalling henkaku? I need a little help before I progress.

    Also, I died a little inside paying 74$ for the 32gb, like really, wtf. It was about 2.2x the cost of the 16gb. Thanks.
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    You can freely switch between memory cards without issues, issues come when the memory cards are used in different systems which have different firmwares or different PSN accounts.

    You only need to make a backup if you want to transfer stuff from the smaller card to the other one, if you plan on using both and switch back and forth and want to keep whatever is already in the 16GB on that card, there is no need to do backups, just insert your new memory card in the system and feel free to use it as normal.

    HENkaku has to be reactivated everytime you reboot the system, but all the files will still be there and wont need to reinstall stuff you already installed.
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