1. Nitromaster

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    Feb 11, 2007
    Totally lost here to be honest.....Spent a couple of days recently browsing..trying to figure out exactly what i'm needing to do..with no luck..
    Also did a bit of searching and just ended up more confused after... [​IMG]

    Been soft modded before...like a year or so ago i'd guess..(or more)
    Updated when NEW super mario bros will came out...So i think im on 4.2 now?
    Tried installing the hbc...but the instructions i was following ended up confusing me..or being slightly incorrect. :s

    Now I recently noticed the usb loaders floating around..and these look like heaven for me [​IMG] Would reduce wear + tear on my store bought games, their boxes/discs, and would also be a lot handier then swapping discs. This got me interested again in the whole softmod area [​IMG]

    Firstly for the upgrading/installing hbc, should i upgrade to 4.2 (if im not on it) then use the following to install the hbc:

    Is there anything i should definately avoid while doing this to prevent any sort of corruption? (not removing IOS's, especially ios70, and taking a NAND backup seem to be among the things i've picked up)
    Should i use a regular sd card? (non sdhc) What'd be the limit on these?

    I'm thinking of using a WD MyPassport 320/500GB drive for anything loadable via usb..I presume there's no need to partition for under 512GB? (heard that was the limit)

    As for the usb loader.....I've been doing a bit of browsing/video watching...and it seems USB Loader GX would be the best for my legit backups of my titles?

    Lastly...Gamecube game loading? Is this possible yet via USB or will i have to stick to DVDs? For either case, what app should i be using?

    Looking for any other cool app suggestions as well [​IMG] (psx emulator intrigues me..amongst others)

  2. Blue-K

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Seriously...looks like you did some research, but there are still things you just have to try out and search for yourself...
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