Advice for an LT+2.0 system

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    Hi all, i recently purchased an Xbox 360 with LT+2.0 on a Benq drive and im having some odd issues with it.

    First of all the system runs original games perfectly, along with older pre- Ap 2.5 games (such as Dragon Age). However recent games that I try inevitably crash the system, these include Bodycount, Gears of War 3, Dead Island and Dark Souls. The screen freezes and I can get no response from the system until I manually reset it.

    In what may be connected to this problem, everytime I try and play these games with my HD plugged in it asks for an update and wont start the game without it. Removing the HD means the game runs until it crashes. Would installing this update remove the custom firmware, or is this an unconnected issue entirely.

    Does anyone have any advice or information on this subject, could it be an issue with burning the games? Or have I been sold a faulty system?
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    Oct 11, 2011
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    Have you checked/patchedyour games with ABGX?
    Burned them CORRECTLY with Imgburn?
    Using GOOD media DVD's like Verbatim?