Advice about transferring my wiibrew to a new Wii U?

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    Jun 15, 2014
    Long story short, I bought a Windwaker Wii U and intend to migrate my entire collection to it, including CFG Loader/nintendont with all my Wii and Gamecube games. I'm aware I now have the opportunity to set up a new system, but frankly I am happy with CFG loader and Nintendont and have no reason to change. The Wii U mode is untampered with.

    Question 1: How do I give my old Wii U a full hymenorrhaphy? I can delete the Homebrew Channel and remove all the other launcher channels and will be keeping my SD card, but I should delete the IOS needed by CFG Loader to launch Wii games. And i beleive I made a backup of something important, but I need to check what It was - and I don't know what half the shit in my SD card's root directory is.

    Question 2: How much do i need to sanitize the Wii U before doing the transfer? Will the transfer fail if I still have homebrew installed, and would any of it survive the transfer?

    Question 3: What's the exact apps I need to get the background bits neededf for CFG Loader and Nintendont to work - including the launcher channel form CFG Loader? That last part I had difficulty finding the correct tool for, and partially led to the mess in my root.