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    I just recently bought a DS Lite with Advance Wars: Dual Strike to keep me busy while I contemplate which NDS Flash cart to get. I started doing research and learned about the various products and companies like EZ Flash, G6 3rd Generation, and Super Card.

    I wasn't always new to the Flash Cart seen. I saw them about 4-5 years ago on back when they were selling 128mbit flash carts for upwards of $90. While I found them intruiging, I was younger then, and couldn't afford both the GBA and the flash cart just to store a handful of games.

    Fast forward to today, where flashing is a much easier possibility thanks to communities such as this one. This site has the ability to take someone out of the dark and into the light when it comes to ignorance of flash carts. I have learned a lot about how they work, the different ways in which flashing goes about (linking through the USB, burning through the USB, SD removal storage, all of which, ironically, go through the USB port [​IMG]). The people here and friendly and supportive, and want to convert you to their cause. That can only make things crazier. [​IMG]

    When I saw the DS Lite being advertised on TV I knew I had to get it. I wasn't always so supportive of the DS. [​IMG] I was an avid supporter of the PSP just because I knew of what it was capable of. I have a Flip Top PS2 with Swap Magic that I play burn games on.

    I always felt the original DS Phat was like a bulky Fisher Price Toy, which was not worth the $150 price tag at the time because all it could do was play games.

    My oh my how a perspective can change in such a short amount of time.

    When I saw the DS Lite, I was sold. It won me over so quick. It looks so sexy, the brighter screens help out a lot, the redesign is stylish and smooth, the stylus is bigger, and it fits in your pocket easy. I knew I had to get one.

    Initially, I only wanted to play GBA games on a flash cart. Now that I realize what these flash carts and the DS are capable of, I want a multi-purpose flash cart that can do a variety of things.

    The problem, at this point. Is picking the Flash Cart and DS Pass variant that will last me for as long as possible. It's like buying a new computer - you don't want something that will be outdated in 2 years, you want something that will last at least 5+ years. I'm not trying to be a stickler about this concept when it comes to flash carts, but something that can last for a while would be appreciated.

    I've narrowed it down to 3 possible combinations, which one do you think is best for me?

    G6 Lite and Datel Max Media Launcher
    Comes with:
    +/- G6 Lite 4Gigabit Flash Cart
    +/- Regular GBA Sized Flash Cart
    +/- USB Burner

    + Can play NDS games and GBA games
    + Works with Moonshell so I can play MP3's and Video's
    + Relativly easy to use, besides the software that needs to be installed, it's ready to go right out of the box, no need for any extra apparatus.

    - Since it's so new, it's hard to find! It's out of stock everywhere!
    - I've been reading about a lot of people getting corrupted files with their G6 Lite. If this happens often, it makes the entire concept of the mass storage device a total loss.
    - 512 MB is good enough for NDS and GBA games, but I want a couple of MP3's on the DS as well. Will I be able to fit them in there?
    - Since it's so new, there still hasn't been any long term tests to see how it does in the long run.

    Comments: I like it's style. I like the fact that I don't have to sacrafice vanity with the Flash Cart. I like the fact that I can play NDS, GBA and MP3's on it. I don't like the fact that I might only be able to put one or two mp3's on there, and I wish it was 1 Gig instead of 512.

    EZ Flash IV Lite MicroSD and Datel Max Media Launcher with 1GB SanDisk Micro SD
    Comes with:
    +/- EZ Flash IV Lite cart
    +/- SD Card Reader
    +/- Get a removal storage device seperatly

    + Comes from EZTeam, a group with quite a nice reputation.
    + Removal storage has it's Pros. Size is basically whatever I want it to be with the Micro SD card. I can play NDS, GBA and MP3's on it through Moonshell without having to pace myself since I could just get a bigger SD card. The fact that I work at Fry's Electronics and can use Associate Purchase discounts just makes it sweeter.

    - Even though money isn't THAT much of a problem, I don't like the fact that I have to buy the Micro SD card seperatly. I don't want to spend a lot of money to the point where it would take me a year or two worth of playing just to break even on what I originally spent.
    - The Micro SD card is small, I'm afraid I'd damage the cart while trying to pull it out. Who wants to use tweezers to pull out the cart? If I damage any of it, the entire concept is a loss!

    Comments: I was originally leaning toward this after I realized that Moonshell isn't compatible with EZ Flash III, but the fact that it needs removal storage kinda makes me worry since I don't want to damage the cart!!

    EZ Flash III 1 Gbit and Datel Max Media Launcher with DarthFader's NDS Loader Patch
    Comes with:
    +/- EZ Flash III Cart
    +/- USB Linker
    +/- Loader apparatus

    + Everything you need right out of the box, practically 100% compatible with ALL GBA games.
    + With the loader patch from DarthFader, NDS games can be played.
    + Relativly cost effective and plentiful

    - Does not work with MoonShell [​IMG]
    - Looks UGLY AS HELL on the DS Lite

    Comments: Before I knew about G6 Lite and EZ Flash IV's existance, this was the cart I was originally looking up info for. I still like this cart, and I may buy this cart just for GBA backups, but I don't like the fact that it looks bad on the DS Lite and that I can't use Moonshell with it.

    Things to Keep in Mind:
    I'm new and I haven't even bought any of the Flash carts yet, I'm just basing my judgments on what other people have already said about the carts. I don't intentionally bash any of them, they obviously do what their supposed to do a pretty good degree anyway or else people wouldn't support them.

    My questions are:

    1. Do you think it's worth using the DS as a MP3 player through Moonshell? I don't have an IPOD, and I don't have an MP3 player either, beleive it or not. These kind of functions give the DS a PSP level of versatility that I just can't seem to ignore. However, for those of you who have played MP3's, is the sound of commendable quality through the DS Lite? When it gets transferred to the cart, does the sound quality change in anyway? Does it need to get shrunk to say, 16 kbits a second?

    2. Which do you think is best for me based on the situation I've told you? I'm really stuck between these three products.

    -On one hand, there is the slick and new G6 Lite that has everything it needs right out of the box besides the PassMe and software, but it's small space leaves something to be desired.

    -The EZ Flash IV Lite Micro SD cart is only limited by the size of the Micro SD, but it's removal storage concept raises concern when it comes to lag in games and also when it comes to just removing the damn thing out of the cart.

    -While the oldest out of the three, the EZ Flash III plays GBA games extremely well and has the potential to play DS games, but it looks bad on a DS Lite and the fact that it doesn't work with Moonshell is kind of a let down.

    Which would you pick, and why? What makes it a more solid choice over the others?
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    Aug 24, 2005
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    If it were only for GBA use then the EZ3 is definitely the best. For DS games it isn't ideal. You must use certain versions of the EZManager software as well as certain version of the firmware to run games correctly. Plus there are a handful of games that don't work with any of them. Take a look at the compatibility list. Also if you have games on your cart:
    Game A
    Game B
    and you delete Game A and add Game C that is bigger --
    Game C part
    Game B
    Game C part
    which will result in Game C freezing up or not working at all. So you need to format the cart each time you want to remove a game from the cart unless you remove the ones written afterward too -- even then it might have the same problems.

    The G6/Lite is said to have problems with GBA games so if that is a must then you might not want to go with it. I've heard it is almost flawless with DS support. I've read a couple times that people have had problems with corruption but overall it seems most G6/Lite users are happy with their cart.

    The EZ4 doesn't support quite as many DS games as the G6/Lite but it is catching up. The GBA side isn't as good as the EZ3 but I've heard it's not that bad. For now it doesn't have many bells and whistles but it will evolve as soon as the manufacturer gets it's ass in gear.

    Soon there will actually be a 4th alternative for you -- the m3 microSD that should fit as perfectly as the G6. The compatibility is on par with the G6 since it is made by the same company so for DS that is good, for GBA it is iffy. I honestly haven't played more than one GBA game so I don't know firsthand how good or bad the GBA side of it is.
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    Apr 7, 2006
    about the tweezers; a tiny piece of sellotape on the end of the microsd forms a tab.

    Whenever I need it out, I just pulled the tab and out it comes. No mods or tools needed
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    Jul 3, 2006
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    I would get the G6 Lite because it fits perfectly into the DSL. Plus it has almost perfect compatibility with GBA and NDS games. I am going to get this when I can find a place with it in stock.
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    Jul 7, 2006
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    Interesting.. but does that make the EZ Flash IV Lite the superior choice? Or does the G6 Lite still top it in terms of overall functionality? I haven't even seen what the M3 Lite can do, then again that's partly because it isn't out yet, but it sounds like it has potential. Will it be expensive?

    I would also like to thank Qrayzie for helping broaden my outlook and knowledge of the carts.

    Edit: So, can anyone viewing this topic tell me if it's worth using MP3's on the carts? Do they still sound good?
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    May 26, 2006
    Why would you want to use Datel MML as your Passme device? It doesn't support sleep mode without modification.

    Passcard3/Superkey/MK4Key/EZpass3 would be a better choice. All of them supports sleep mode and almost all flashcarts.