Advantages of older wii with serial before LU64 ?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by user786, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Dec 6, 2009
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    I was able to follow the XZXERO guide on this forum to perfectly and completely softmod my LU64+ version wii. Obviously it only installed bootmii as IOS and I did not try install cioscorp.

    My question is that I can get a brand new in sealed box wii from a small store in a strip mall near my house that has a serial number PRIOR to LU64. I think it is a LU62 serial number.

    Is there any great advantage to me selling this new wii I have and buying the LU62 version wii and modding it?

    Is it a big plus to have a LU62 so I can load bootmii in memory?

    What other major advantages would I have by getting the LU62 wii ?

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    Jan 7, 2009
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    Even LU62 won't let you install bootmii as boot2
    only the oldest wii's will allow you to do that
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    Dec 6, 2009
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    What version serial number should I be looking for then?
    I also know someone who is selling a LU37 serial number wii.

    What advantages other than loading bootmii as boot2 ?

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    Serial Numbers are not the best way to determine what hardware the Wii has in it. For example: It is know that LU394 Wii's have the new D3-2 Drive in them that will not play backup DVD's. Ninty does not release from the factory in Sequential order.
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    Its not that you can say 100% by the serial number of the Wii, I know that all Wiis made before middle 2008 have the vulnerable Boot1.
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    nand restoration and user friendly brick recovery (if you only have bootmii as a ios like my wii its fairly useless however PRIILOADER will work on ANY WII so i personally prefer that....

    Boot2 bootmii however is known as "the best recovery method" so this advantage alone (for some) is worth sourcing the older consoles.... (though the dvd drives tend to shit out faster in those old wii's in my experience anyways i have saw 3 old ones have DYING dvd motors (a hardware side effect only saw in older models) So i guess its preference....

    I have bricked LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF TIMES making advanced themes ( In The Wii Theme Team) and making Animated channels using wadder rather than wadstudio IS A GUARANTEE BRICK WHILE DEVELOPING just on the merrit that wadder has BAD ICON COMPRESSION and causes a ICON BRICK/BANNER BRICK when you run your channel IF you dont know enough to run the wad through wadstudio b4 you install it....

    So should you get caught in a situation like that where a LACK OF DOCUMENTATION LEADS TO A BRICK MORE OFTEN THAN NOT (like using wadder to dev an animated channel does) THEN IN THIS CASE YOU WILL BE THANKFUL TO HAVE BOOTMII OR PRIILOADER...

    Another benifit for older wiis with Cioscorps is they can run AUTOBOOT DVD's WITH NO MOD CHIP AT ALL (my 3.2 wii is older and it has STARFALL rather than STARPATCH so i can use this to load any autoboot dvd's i want [​IMG] (ive recoverd WITH the twilight hack and my zelda dvd from a INTENTIONAL WAD BRICK just to see if i could use zelda to recover from a wad brick ...YOU CAN!

    so both the new and old consoles are decent but IMO the old ones have more benifits with compatibility ect (ive been on a 3.2U wii with Cioscorpsv1 and a few random CIOS patches for specific games since (NSMB,NFS,GH5,Beatles rockband, ACCF ect)
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    Dec 4, 2008
    Or you can make the perfect channel with CustomizeMii [​IMG]

    Older Wii's advantages are mainly ease of chipping (real chips not all this ribbon rubbish) and vulnerable boot2.

    One thing to consider if you buy a used Wii is how shagged out the drive is and how much use the Nand has suffered. It could have a vulnerable boot2 but be shagged out