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    If anyone remembers this review, it's a comparison of the advantages/disadvantages of using Flashme and a passcard 3.

    Disadvantages of FlashMe:
    But with great power, comes great responsibility. In this case, there are some facts that you will need to take into account before you commence flashing:
    - Needs a passthrough device to actually flash the DS.
    - A probability of resulting your DS / DS Lite into a 'brick'-like state.
    - This flashing process VOIDS your '1-year' warranty from Nintendo and/or your store warranty (if they aren't that stupid).
    - Unable to place into sleep mode unless a DS game is inserted into the SLOT-1 of the DS, resulting in a constant on/off switching of the sleep mode mechanism.
    - Significantly drains your DS battery much quicker as to an unflashed DS.
    - Reverts firmware with an older status. (DS Lite only)

    So does an unflashed DS really consumes less power than a flashed ds? If so, it's worthwhile to unflash also [​IMG]
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    That was a baseless claim. The drain of the battery was actually due to the non-standard (by standard I mean retail-esque) nature of flashcarts. They do take more power than a standard cart.

    Also note con 1. "Needs a passthrough device to actually flash the DS." You still needed that passthrough device to run anything out of slot 2.

    FUD ftw
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    you can reinstall flashme if a malicious program attacks ur DS right.

    so in actuality it save ur DS right??