Advantage of Firmware 3.52 vs 3.60?

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    I was looking at a local online ad 3 days ago, and someone was selling a modded PS Vita (phat, 3g version) for $200, and said it has Firmware 3.52, which he claimed it was better than firmware 3.60. Before I could ask him why, his ad was deleted.

    Is there an advantage of a PSVITA with firmware of 3.52?
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    Because is a lower firm and he wants to sell or because he wants to sell. Then his vita will always be better. :v
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    There are no advantages whatsoever. 3.52 doesn't even have native Vita homebrew or backups like 3.60, and PSP eCFW recently became a thing for 3.60 as well, making lower firmwares pretty much obsolete.
    The seller clearly hasn't done his research very well (if not, at all).
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