Hardware Activating flight mode by editing configuration directly


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Sep 10, 2007
Starting with a summary of what's happened, might be useful to others with the same problem.

So, my Switch crashed the other day when put in sleep mode. It would hang indefinitely on the Nintendo Switch boot logo when trying to boot Atmosphere or OFW afterwards. Found and checked the Atmosphere crash report, indicating error 2001-0114 and the wlan module crashing.

Did some googling, and found plenty of info about bad wifi chips making consoles behave exactly like mine.

To get further confirmation, I prepared a SD card with LineageOS and booted it. Everything worked fine, except for the wifi, that wouldn't come online.

Read about some ppl having luck letting the console sit at the boot logo until the battery was completely drained, charge it fully overnight, and boot it. Seemed strange, but decided to try anyways. Lo and behold, it worked, the console got past the boot logo screen :D

Tried setting the console in flight mode to disable wifi, and then enable Bluetooth and NFC manually. Rebooted it several times, both to Atmosphere and OFW, and now it wouldn't freeze anymore :)

Apparently the wifi chip uses some custom Nintendo firmware, getting an off the shelf replacement won't work according to what I've read about it anyways. I'd have to get a donor console. Also, I'm not confident enough in my BGA chip soldering skills to tackle this if it can be avoided. The console came with 1.0.0, and I've managed to preserve the efuses through the years, so it's still downgradable. Don't want to risk it. Decided that the flight mode workaround is enough for now, not using wifi at all anyways.

Now I'm looking for a quicker way than redoing the whole depleting and recharging the battery procedure if flight mode is deactivated for some reason in the future.

Hekate boots just fine, and I can access sysmmc with Tegraexplorer (not using emummc). Can always take a nand backup with flight mode set and restore in an emergency, but that would also mean rolling back savegames etc. Not very convenient.

It should however also be possible to activate flight mode by editing some file directly. Does anyone happen to know how to go about it? Or is it perhaps even possible to remove the wifi check, or whatever in the boot sequence it is the console freezes on?
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