Action Replay on GCBackup Loader 0.1 Xi

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    EDIT3: Nevermind. I found an SDLOAD autoboot ISO and that worked. Thanks for all the help.

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    Hi, I am having a problem switching discs with the Gamecube Backup Loader.
    Basically, here is my story:
    I got my little bro Lego Star Wars 2 for Gamecube since he kept dropping my PSP while playing it there. (He has a Gamecube in his room)
    But, I had all the characters on my PSP version and now he wants them on the cube.
    So I figured I'd get a save off of gamefaqs.
    I found one, so now I was off to mcbackup on the ol' SDLoad.
    So, I tried to find my Action Replay for Gamecube.
    I couldn't find it anywhere at all.
    So I got ar14.dol online and put it into a .dol loader and it loads successfully from the GCBackup Loader 0.1 Xi (I have to force NTSC, though.) from the DVD. (This way it is in Gamecube mode; it doesn't work in wii mode.)
    However, as you may know, to start SDLoad you need to open and close the disc cover (or press eject and put the same disc back in).
    But, when I put the disc in again, it says ERROR: No disc.
    Now, I read that disc switching works in RE4 from the same disc if it was multiboot. I was thinking that I could use the same method but reselect the same game I started with.
    However, I don't know how to stop the game and reselect a partition.
    Therefore, my final question is this:

    How do you choose to enter a new disc on Gamecube Backup Loader, while one disc is still in use?
    Or, if you know another way:
    How do I add a .gcs save to a Gamecube Memory Card via a Wii Mode Application?

    And I know this is a very roundabout way of accomplishing my task, but I don't like spending money, they don't make action replays for GC that are SDLoad compatible anymore, and I am only really going to use this once so it is no user-friendliness as much as whether or not it works. Also, my 'Cube isn't chipped.

    Sorry about the walloftext.

    EDIT: Also, I have a USBGecko. If necessary, I could make a disc of Gecko OS via the DOL Loader and use AR codes to get him all the characters manually, but obviously this is a tricky unstable process. And I used my last DVD-R on the AR. So, I don't want to do that.
    EDIT2: Or I could make a mcbackup disc. Duh. Still, out of DVD-Rs. Anyone have any ideas?