acNES, any way to inject ROMs?

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    Jul 5, 2012
    acNES is the name given to the official NES emulator found in Animal Crossing Gamecube. Later it was ported to gba for transferring the NES games and later reused for Nes Classics series with enhancements.

    just wondering if someone has dumped it properly. or does injecting roms work with it similar to wii virtual console? or simply does anyone have more info about acNES? it is very hard to find info about it on net.

    only documented rom injection i found is this
    , though it is injecting stuff to RAM not to ROM. also there is a possibility that the emulator used in Metroid Zero Mission and Nes Classics might be different, though i assume they should be similar.

    there is PocketNES working perfectly fine though i remember reading somewhere that Nes Classics are better at audio quality. also variety never hurts, right?