acekard the way to go for my simple friend?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by McBayne, Feb 16, 2012.

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    he got an r4 circa 2007?, had no complaints but wasn't unable to reformat the micro SD correctly probably b/c he has a mac and the thing wouldn't work, he never needed it for media purposes, just games. you'd recommend the acekard, right?

    it's been a while, and never heard of acekard when I was originally in the market for a cart, would acekard be the way to go out ouf ease of playability. gotta get the ds lite going again.

    have they invented carts that do DS and GBA games yet?

    who if any retailers are selling the bogus stuff? loved realhotdeals but got an amazon coupon now
  2. Another World

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    if he is using a ds lite i would stick with the original r4. reformat the msd card on a pc using the panasonic formatter and then drop on a copy of the wood firware. the original r4 can only use up to a 2gb msd card. so if the card is the issue you can grab a japanese kingston replacement for around $5 (shipped).

    acekard 2i is a good cart but has many contact issues. something to consider.
    scds2 is a fun card, lots of features, and some exclusive homebrew designed for its on-board cpu.
    the r4i gold 3ds by the .cn team is another nice card, a clone of the GE which is a clone of the ak2i. it also runs the wood firmware.

    there is a 1:1 clone ak2i going around. many resellers are stocking them by mistake.

    -another world
  3. Luigi2012SM64DS

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    Aug 27, 2011
    all flash carts play ds
    only the dstwo can play gba
    your friend has a clone r4 it should break in a year or 2
    acekard has serous contact issues but its a good cart
    the r4i gold by the team which website url ends wih .cn supports wood 3ds and sdhc cards
    your welcome
  4. Another World

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    iplayer, ismartmm, and that exi4 card (or whatever it was called) all have gba emulation. the ismartmm is an oem iplayer designed by supercard and sold by ismartds.

    of the 4 choices the scds2 gba emu is the best of the lot.

    -another world
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