1. cannibs420

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    Mar 16, 2010
    Well i bought an Extreme Flash Advance yesterday, but it was the stupid simple one with no RTC. dam jandaman.
    (before you tell me its not a big deal, i bought it specifically pokemon games, so this harshed my buzz)
    Well i dont even have it yet, but anyways, my 3-in-1 garbage pack stopped workin a week into having it,
    and it has no RTC either, so i dont want another one. (atleast i have a rumble pack. and dam u ezflash i was far in mother 3, lucky for those save archives)

    I have acekard 2i with akaio 1.6rc1, and was wondering....

    if i get the M3 GBA Expansion pack with RTC and RTSAVE will it work within this environment... can i flash it using acekard 2i...
    if so do i need an extra homebrew program..

    lay it on me, im not really that much of a n00b so i should know what ur talking about...

    i couldnt find with search, so sorry if this was covered and thanks

    thanks again for reading.
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