Acekard 2i VS Supercard DSTWO (In terms of user friendliness)

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    Mar 12, 2011
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    Just as the title had said.

    There was a problem with paypal so I wasn't able to get the Acekard 2i for my girlfriend as intended last night -- so I waited. In the midst of waiting, I read a number of great reviews about the DSTWO and after innocuously asking my girlfriend if she had a large GBA game base, I'm starting to consider it.

    I looked up some videos on the DSTWO and saw a multitude of options, settings, and features. I'm not looking to get her a feature-rich flash cart however, simply because she won't know how to use them (she won't even try, most likely, lol). So should I instead get her Supercard DSTWO for the amazing features, almost 100% compatability and all the works -- or should I go ahead and get her the Acekard 2i (For it's equally impressive features) and an expansion slot 2 slot in the future (She has the original DS).

    EXTREMELY user-friendly UI, 100% Compatibility, Drag-and-drop play, and an extremely active team.

    Thank you all.
  2. Rydian

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    Ah, there's an issue with both when it comes to GBA games.

    • Slot-2
      • Perfect running speed.
      • Needs patching of many/most games.
    • DSTWO
      • Not perfect speed. Might be tolerable, might not.
      • Needs barely any patching.
  3. Evo.lve

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    Oct 11, 2010
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    The DS2 IS the feature-rich cart you speak of.

    In terms of ROM compatibility there's really no difference.

    However, as Rydian already said, (thanks for saving me 3 paragraphs of text), both ways of playing GBA games are either really fiddly (Slot2 expansion) or emulated which has a whole range of disadvantages (DS2 emu).