acekard 2i cheat system from orgianl to AKAIO 1.5.1

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    Nov 13, 2006
    I don’t know if anyone has noticed that the cheat system on the acekard2i does not work it used to work in one of the Firmware I can’t rember which one and can’t find my disc that I had it backed up on when I went back to what I was using the cheat work and went to a newer Firmware it stopped working it’s the same with the AKAIO Firmware to 1.5 and the 1.51 updated everything and no joy the one 1.51 is better as the wifi encryption types in now works with most of them I was using wep and fount that was sh@t so I had to change to wpa2 and it was not sported by the AKAIO I’m glad it does now
    the cheat system since I started using this does not work it work with the firmware 1.4 before I updated it the original after that can’t get the cheat system to work on any firmware is anyone else had the problems as well I updated to AKAIO 1.5.1 as it is easy to use and can be updated over the wifi easy to do

    I’m trying the 4.21 Firmware for AK2 and AK2i now see what happens if the cheats work for me I love the acekard2i better than any other I have used in the past I would like to use the cheats owe hope this can be fixed