Acekard 2i and EZV 3-in-1

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by ChrisMims, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    I have an Acekard 2i, running AKAIO, and an EZV 3-in-1 with Pokemon Fire-Red. When I use the EZV tool with the R4, it writes the game to the EZV, allowing you to play it w/o the R4. Pal Park also works.

    I sot the NOR mode to "Always" on the Acekard. This wrote the game to the EZV, allowing it to be played w/o the Acekard and making it appear on the DS Lite's title screen, but, when I played Fire-Red, it says "The 1m sub-circuit board is not installed"

    I didn't get this message when I used the R4. How can I get rid of this message, and use the EZV 3-in-1 w/ Pal Park?
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    That is an issue with the autopatching AKAIO does to GBA games, you should ask in the Acekard section.