Acekard 2 or RPG?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by lafleche, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Jan 4, 2007
    All different postings and reviews make it very difficult to make a decission...
    So (again?) a few questions..... please be honest because I just bought a CycloDS based on 'fan-boy' reviews.... (not so happy!)

    - is RPG capable of playing to 8Mbit save games (like Diagasso) or not? If not what are the chances that Acekard or private coders (it is opensource!) will make it compatible

    - is A2 capable of playing to 8Mbit save games (like Diagasso) or not? dito

    - Are there slowdowns or freezes on Acekard A2 when playing Castlevania / Tony Hawk (latest game) ?
    (I already read that RPG doesn't because of the NAND memory)

    - Is there a good reason to buy a RPG and not an Acekard 2?

    - Is there a good reason to buy a A2 and not an Acekard RPG? (pricing is not an argument)

    - Based on your own experience : Acekard (either A2 or RPG) or CycloDS?

    Thanks for all the efforts...
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    It's funny how I have a thread with the EXACT same title as yours. Check it out. It might help you a lot. As for the questions, I'll answer all I know:

    1: IDK this
    2: IDK this
    3: Believe there is but not major. Only minor things here and there.
    4: NAND. Makes for more storage and perfect game speed and is a nice bonus for backing up files.
    5: If pricing isn't an argument then absolutely not.
    6: I don't own any one of those except for RPG so I would obviously say RPG but that would be biased. So IDK this either.
  3. Normmatt

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    1. No
    2. Yes, its 8megabyte not megabit so its 64megabit
    3. Latest AK2 4.08 beta loader has no slow downs in any game
    4. AK2 is best deal at the moment
    5. AK2 supports saves larger than 1megabyte (current limit on akrpg)
    6. If your after features like RTS, Slow Motion etc get CycloDS other wise if you want an awesome interface then get the AK2
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    Darn, I thought this guy found a different way to ask the same questions but no luck.