Ace Attorney Investigation (2): Prosecutor's Path FINAL [RELEASE]

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  1. Auryn

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    Hi guys,
    how are you doing??
    I am ok.
    Was stressed at work, made 2 weeks of holiday in Asia again and back to work busy as hell.

    I was looking some stream yesterday when i started to talk about AAI2 with somebody what made me surf in nostalgia so i started looking around youtube for what kind of movies you can find for AAI2.
    I accidentally discovered this guy called "WillBits" and I not get any money for it but i want to write about it here because for the lazy people that don't want to read all the text in AAI2, can watch his videos.
    I would call it an audio book with character :)
    AAI2 playlist by WillBits
    Check it out

  2. DivineChariot

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    Sep 19, 2017
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    Hello everyone I'm having trouble patching the game. When I downloaded the link for xdelta the only thing I got was a single file called xdeltaUI.rar and it's a Winzip file type. Is there something I'm supposed to do to get the file in order to decompress it because I don't have the gui to run the patch and rom. I'm not all that great with computers so help is appreciated.
  3. RadioShadow

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    Aug 30, 2007
    You need to extract the compressed content into a new folder.

    First install 7-Zip:
    This will allow to extract .zip / .rar files. Then right click on each downloaded file and select "Extract to folder" (something along those lines).

    You then use xdelta.exe to patch the Nintendo DS rom (.nds) with the patch you downloaded.
  4. Auryn

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    Jul 21, 2011
    @divine Chariot: Technically if it's xdeltaUI.rar, it's not a Winzip file but a Winrar (.zip is a Winzip file).
    Winrar can open zip files but winzip can not open rar files (unless they did an update that i not know about).
    I am sorry if i speak straight but if you are lazy to search / read on google how to solve your little problem, i believe that AAI2 is the wrong game for you.
    In this game you have actually read and search for things!

    Actually every window machine after WindowXP (actually since Microsoft Plus! for Win98 to be precise), have Zip support implemented so you don't need any additional programs to decompress them.
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