1. nozoumi

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    Apr 14, 2017
    Alright so I’m a complete noob when it comes to this stuff but I haven’t updated my 3ds in over a year, today I accidentally updated it to 11.9.

    I have Luma3DS but now my BootNTR selector won’t work, it says the firmware is undetected which is understandable but I have no idea how to update it to work now.

    Also my CIA installer app is now completely gone and has gone back to its original vanilla state of being the health and safety app.

    Luma updater crashes whenever it tries to download the latest version from github as well.

    I have hourglass9 installed, a reddit user suggested downloading godmode9 and then updating all of my outdated apps, is it safe to just delete hourglass9 off of my SD card to replace with godmode9? Also the TinyDB qr codes give me an error that it "cannot load the image" whenever I do try to update my apps from there.

    I have no idea what I’m doing so how can I update those to work now? My last bootNTR version was 2.9 and I’m so lost. Can someone please ELI5 this for me? Or if I should just downgrade can someone tell me how to do that too? I don’t really use online features so losing that is no problem for me.
  2. SCOTT0852

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    Jan 20, 2018
    United States
    Update your BootNTR by installing the latest CIA
    Install the latest version of FBI without injecting into H&S (instructions below)
    Update your Luma Updater
    Yes, hourglass9 is really outdated and GM9 does everything all the something9 tools did, but in 1 package.
    Again, update your FBI.

    How to update FBI:
    0) make sure you have the Homebrew Launcher 2.0 on your SD's root (outside of any folders) & FBI.3dsx (from the FBI download link above) in SD:/3ds (as well as FBI.cia somewhere, of course)
    1) Open Download Play (it's orange & comes with the system)
    2) Press L + Down (on the d-pad, not circle pad) + Select to open the Rosalina menu
    3) Go to Miscellaneous Options in that menu
    4) Press the one about switching the current title
    5) Exit the Rosalina menu, quit Download Play, and reopen Download Play
    6) run FBI, use it to install FBI
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