AcChen DS v0.8

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    AcChen DS v0.8
    Homebrew tile-matching puzzle game
    preussie has released version 0.8 of his homebrew tile-matching puzzle game 'AcChen DS'. Lots of improvements have made there way into this version including a bonus level, hi-score list, slicker UI and more. Read more below and check it out via the local download below![title:AcChen DS 0.8]New features in this version:

    * bonus level
    * highscore list ( with DLDI patch )
    * smoother UI
    * more levels ( 30 )
    * more eye candy
    * continue a lost game ( with DLDI patch )
    * pause mode
    * surrender button
    * yingyang-hint-items
    * lot of bugfixes
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Home page