AcChen DS v0.6 (first release)

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    AcChen DS v0.6 (first release)

    Arcade style tile matching puzzle game

    Preussie has released version 0.6 (which is the first public release) of his new arcade style tile matching game 'AcChen DS'.
    [title:AcChen DS]This is the first release ( version 0.6 ) of AcChen for the Nintendo DS. For more information and screenshots about the game, visit my AcChen DS page. This release includes 20 levels.

    I only had the chance to test the binary on my DS Lite with a R4 Slot1 card. Any comments about working/not working hardware are appreciated!

    To do list for the next versions:

    * save highscores / highscore list

    * smoother UI

    * more level

    * more eye candy

    * a time bonus item would be nice

    * clean up the sound samples
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source / Home page