ACCF Recent Data Gone After ACToolkit Use...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Caderyn, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Yet another problem from me [​IMG] (Also Idk if this is the right area for this)...

    I've been using ACToolkit for a while now and have never had this problem before. I have 4 characters in my town. Caderyn, Storage1, Storage2, and Storage3. The last three are for obvious reasons. Now here's what's going on.

    When I load the game, Caderyn's status hasn't changed. House is the same, plants, patterns, items, etc.
    Storage1 has edited (Mario Paint stamp) patterns locked in from a few days ago. I changed them last night to roads, edited my town, and the patterns disappeared back to my originally edited MP stamp patterns. Along with this, the Mayor keeps coming over to congratulate me on the same thing every time.
    Storage 2 is fresh after buying a house...every time. If I go through all the Nook stuff, make patterns, etc., then edit the town, all the data is erased back to where it was. (I just had a realization... I'll explain it below)
    Storage3 is pretty much the same as Storage1, patterns locked in, etc., but a little further progressed in town status

    Thought: I have 2 SD cards with the same city on it. One I keep editing (card1), and the other is a main backup (card2). I think what is happening is that my card2 is continuing to grow, while my card1's "fresh" start is from the day I copied it from card2. (get it?).... and I really just noticed this recently... Could having these two cards be the issue? It's whenever I extract the save and edit, then reinstall it. I thought it was only when I changed acres, or moved buildings, but I've tested my main possibilities.

    [EDIT] I'm such an idiot... I just realized I wasn't extracting the save every time I went to edit. I just left the toolkit open and hit save and pulled the card back and forth... woops...

    [Another EDIT] Now this is fun... I tore down the extra 3 houses, loaded new acre and town layouts, played for a bit and saved. When I go to extract the save, SaveGameMgr gives me a code dump... my city doesn't like something.. could it be the two rivers running opposite each other from the same start and no source? Testing is fun.. just updating for anyon who stumbles upon this.. closable thread.
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