Abstract Shoot v0.9 (beta)

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    Abstract Shoot v0.9 (beta)

    Touch-screen shooting game

    Neumann has released an updated version of his homebrew touch-screen shooting game - 'Abstract Shoot'. New in this version is a high score table and menu improvements. Requires DLDI patching.[title:Abstract Shoot v0.9 (beta)]31/07/07: Version BETA 0.9

    - Addition of the system of High-score (patchage DLDI requires to function).

    - Addition of a menu.

    - them enemy are equipped with new trajectories which make the play harder and less monotonous (they are not automatically attracted by the gun).

    - Modification of the no-claims bonus “bends”: from now on, the bomb is actuated by a detonator placed relatively far from the bomb. The no-claims bonus is thus “useful” now… xD

    - Addition of musics and sound effects.[​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source

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