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    Feb 18, 2007
    Just a thought. I was playing Ice Age 2 for the Wii today, and there are lots of video-clips from the movie used as cutscenes. These were of really high quality I thought... it looked better than standard DVD-quality so I was just thinking if the Wii supports h.264 encoding perhaps? It does use Quicktime.

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    No idea what Ice age uses (wild guess says RAD codecs, they seem to be standard for games, especially generic nonsense like this), quicktime is just a container. Bear in mind ice age is CGI as well not actual footage which makes a nice difference for quality.

    If you want to play video it supports motion JPEG as standard (a useless codec/standard if ever I saw one) but mencoder/mplayer got a port for the cube (and by extension Wii) so you get whatever that has, I am unsure about the h264 support (or what profiles it can take) though.