About to softmod my Box using xboxhdm/hotswapping

Discussion in 'Microsoft Xbox' started by SkankyYankee, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Ok, ill try to make it quick. I got an unmodded box i want to softmod via hotswapping and XboxHDM and Ndure. Kernel is 3944 and dash is 5960. My guide ive been using so far is here


    Ive read some of the other topics similar i just would like to know

    I am mainly using this for emulators and backups

    is there a better guide/method to hotswapping out there?
    should i use any other replacement dash other than ndure?
    if i use this method can i update to unleash or evox or xbmc afterwards?

    thank you for the help, i will wait before i attempt anything.

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    I need help with this too! Just a quick question....could you connect the xbox hardrive to a external ide case and connect that to my pc? I have a laptop you see.
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    1) There are some slightly less complex guides concentrating on "all in one" discs (which normally did not spread very far or were not very good) and such but if that one works for you do it as everything that follows will make more sense.
    If you have not already read it:

    2)/3) Softmodded xboxes work like this
    normal bios loaded
    new bios loaded via softmod exploit (chips go straight to this stage)
    new dashboard is loaded via softmod bios. This is your xbmc, exox, avalaunch...... and you are free to choose whichever one you like (points to t3ch xbmc) or even load one from another (some people like a more minimal/dev oriented one like evox most of the time but the occasional xbmc session).
    ndure is merely the name of the method http://xguides.xbox-scene.com/tikiwiki/tik...ure+XBE+Exploit

    Also autoinstaller deluxe: get it as it will make your life that much easier once you get it hacked in the first place.
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    No , the hdd has to be the primary master. No adapters , usb stuff won't even work once xboxhdm has started up.
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    I see said the blind man as he..... you know

    Got unleash/ndure working and are working on dashes now, Awesome!

    thanks guys!!!