About to get a WiiU - want to re-learn about Homebrew

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    Hey there everyone!

    So, long ago i had an Wii. One of the first models, the easiest one to hack when the only Homebrew way in was through a legit copy of Twilight princess. But i sold my wii a few years ago and now i find myself terrible outdated on information...

    So, my understand right now is that i can play Legit Wii discs on the WiiU, which is all fine and great... but i can also instal the Homebrew channel on the Wii mode of the WiiU ( which is called vWii from what i see) .

    ok, so far so good... but im a bit rusty on this stuff and i don't want to mess up, so i would like a bit of help here to understand what i can actually do and what i can't.

    Is it correct that even with the Homebrew channel and everything else in, the WiiU will not read backup discs of Wii Games?

    The only safe way in for Homebrew on the Wii mode of the WiiU requires a copy of one of a selection of Wii Games, such as Smash Brawl, right?

    Is it possible to play backup images of wii games and import (JPN and PAL) wii games from a dedicated external HDD in wii mode with the homebrew channel and an USB loader? Is that the same process for Emulators or can i load emulator roms from a USB stick or SD card?

    Is it safe to install WAD's of virtual console games and other games on the Wii mode?

    Is it safe to update your wiiU now after installing the Homebrew channel ?

    I've read a few threads around here but if someone could give me some direct responses to these questions, that would help out a lot! Thanks.
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    You may need a usb y splitter for a hard drive with wii isos stored on it. The Wii U's power is insufficient for some hard drives.
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    Read the damn stickies, firstly.

    You need to use a disk based exploit to install the homebrew channel, which requires one of several games, a 2GB or lower SD card (NO SDHC or SDXC, they don't work with the exploit, SD only) and the exploit as well the files which will install the homebrew channel.

    Use what NWPlayer123 said and backup your NAND and Keys before doing anything else.

    You'll need to use CIOS modifications to play 'backup' games from a USB drive. You can use backup ISOs or Roms, whatever you call them, they will work on a vWii, you need to do the CIOS modifications for it to work. Before attempting it - READ the
    STICKIES and GUIDES. It is a sure way to brick your vWii if you don't know what you're doing.

    You can play emulators from a USB or SD, most homebrew emulators support both nowadays. Yes, you can play import backup games from other countries. You may need to change settings to PAL or NTSC or vice versa though, I have a PAL Wii U and use NTSC Isos without problem.

    Installing wads is and is not safe. It is safe to do if you absolutely know the wad is legit. If there are any problems with it or with your method of installation, you could 'banner brick' yourself. It's almost as bad as a full brick and is harder to fix on a Wii U, because of a lack of things like preloaders.

    Yes you can update if you've installed the vWii. The vWii is completely seperate (as far as we know) to the Wii U's operation. However, if you update your Wii U, you may not have access to Wii U homebrew in the future - your choice, I'm not concerned about Wii U homebrew myself, it's going to be probably years until someone figures how to exploit something nintendo doesn't patch afterwards.