About to buy a New 3DS XL (US),, confused where to start?

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    So i have read all the stickied threads, and I am still confused on where to start. If i buy a New 3ds XL (9.2 or below) + Sky3ds, is their any way to launch/run emunand to future proof the setup? Or would I also have to have a Gateway, thus needing a New 3ds XL (9.2 or lower) + Sky3ds + Gateway.

    I know you can run exploits on the New 3ds with Cubic ninja and/or Zelda OOT, but what i did understand is that you need a way to write save files to card (R4i save writer). This setup Cubic or OOT + R4i save writer is almost the same price ($60 vs $80), thus thinking about just getting a Sky3ds from the beginning just in case.

    Thank You in Advance!!