About K1 GBA SP and Link Cable

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    Aug 23, 2007
    i got my K1 GBA and decided to test multiplayer games.
    here is my findings:

    GAMECUBE - Does Not Work

    tried actual Disc's on an unmodded Gamecube, nintendo brand link adapter.
    tried Zelda four swords, nintendo puzzle collection, Pac-Man VS., Kururin Paradise.
    i even tried running Zelda Controller multiboot as a GBA Rom.
    however, i Did Not try Bonus Content Download, (Fire Emblem, Pokemon, etc.)
    my guess is the K1 team rewired the GC Link pins for TV-Out or something.

    GBA to GBA Link Cable - Works PERFECTY! All Games Supported.

    you can link with:
    K-Card Rom to Real Cartridge -YES
    K-Card Rom to Flashcart --------YES
    K1 with Real Cart to Flashcart -YES
    K1 with Flashcart to Real Cart -YES
    Single Card Download ----------YES
    K-Card Rom Download to GBA -YES
    Flashcart Rom Download to K1 -YES

    the Classic Nes series dident work on my K1 patched or not,
    but i tried a Real Pacman Cartridge on K1 and it worked fine.

    Official Nintendo WIRELESS link adapter- Does NOT Work


    Third-Party Majesco Wireless link -
    Works, but only if the K1 acts as HOST.


    Also, my Headphone adapter dident work on my K1,
    because it activated the pins for TV-Out, thus Blacking out the screen.
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    From Where???
    most (if not all) of the classic nes series require a pure patch. you can find patches linked at advanscene.com, just search for the game and open their page.


    -another world
  3. suppow

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    Jul 21, 2012
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    sounds like the K1 isnt that good then.
    wont be getting one i guess.
    for that matter, SP + EZ4 is better.