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Jul 28, 2011

about DVD5? by camochase at 7:43 AM (562 Views / 0 Likes) 1 replies

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    so is dvd5 always cutting out the cgi or is that just for certain games because i got mertoid prime trilogy and metroid prime 3 was cut and also was the mulitplayer so does that mean the cgi was cut from one and 2, and the same for melee i tryed the old nes games in the extras and it didnt work so is that all that was cut i havnt done the story line yet and also metroid prime the other m is the dvd5 have all the cut sceans cut out or is there a versoin of dvd5 that anyone knows about that has all the cut sceans but unneeded extras cut out
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    I fail to find any dots or commas here. Because of this, I had to read the text about 5 times until I got your question, and I'm still not shure if I understood it right...so please, use proper grammar next time.

    What has been removed from the DVD5-Versions should be found in the NFO from a Scene-Release, or in the topic you got the game from. Often they remove everything they can, until it fits to a DVD5 and still works, and not more. If you want something that has been cut out, get the clean DVD9-Scene Release, which hasn't been tampered with. Or, even better, dump your retail copy of the game with CleanRip.

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