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  1. VVoltz

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    Nov 6, 2002
    In my opinion changing the scores doesn't reflect the objectivity of the original review. I mean, about the DS-X review, back when shaunj66 did it, everything was working OK, and now it is not that everything got wrong, it's just that the team's public relations are at their worst point yet....

    In my opinion, and this goes to the GBATemp crew, I think you should consider creating a "buyer's guide" rather than "reviews" if that is what you are suppose to reflect, I mean, you can take out the scores on the reviews and just post them on the reviewers guide, in that way you can update the guide regularly.
    What would happen if the R4 factory indeed stops making the carts? will you re consider the cart score?.

    Just an opinion. And no, I'm not against or in favor of any groups of teams. I want to be as objective a possible, that means my opinion also applies to the other cart reviews.

    Now I'll post some comments that I did on the shoutbox:
    Thanks for reading.
  2. ugly_rose

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    Apr 7, 2006
    A review is what a review always has been, right? Simply put, a review. It looks at a product's qualities, AFTER having tried it. And at one, particular, point in time.

    Now, a buyers guide would be looking at the present, rather than past, giving us a better overview of the product's current competiveness.

    I'm all for a buyers guide, without scores. Rather, use the feature list form so we can all decide on our own what features we like, instead of leaving that judgement to the one or few people actually giving birth (to the guide ;;^^).

    PS. Don't change the scores on old reviews. That's reviewocide. [​IMG]
  3. stefer

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    Jul 2, 2007
    Like i said where VVoltz first posted this (keep in mind this was first in the DS-X section, where people want the score to be re-evaluated):

    I personally don't think that it's fair to change the score. I bought a EFA II 1gbit card for GBA, based on the review it had on this website. A few weeks after i got it, the EFA team left their forum to rot with spam etc. It had a firmware that was below average, etc.
    The DS-X team is still active on IRC + Forum and are releasing a new firmware soon. Right now, they are honoring waranties that resellers stopped honoring (after 15 or 30 days and such...)

    If the score is modified because of a 'slower update release' then the EFA II should get the score lowered and all carts should be re-evaluated on the service and updates they are currently getting (GBA and DS, Wii chips etc.)
  4. Foie

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    Jun 15, 2006
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    The way I see it, the point of reviews are to help people decide what is the best choice. At the time the review was made, the DS- X was the best flashcart on the market, and it deserved a 9. Now that other teams have made better flashcarts and have more features, the DS-X doesn't do so well compared to them. If people see a 9, they will think it is one of, if not the best slot-1 flashcart for sale. This would not be true though.
  5. Opium

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    Dec 22, 2002
    We are already working on a new review scoring system. Something much fairer and reflective of the products.

    Don't worry we're on top of it [​IMG]
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    Bad public relations isn't it.
    The compatibility of the card has regressed since the review. (The 2mbit save problem) There is an actual problem with the card.

    As reviews are one person's objective look at a card, (Well, hopefully objective... [​IMG]) regressions that change this view should also be noted.
  7. VVoltz

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    Nov 6, 2002
    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, as usual you guys don't ever let me down.
    Except for las month where you never congratulated me for my bday. :'(