A Wood R4/ AKAIO comparison essay

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    I'm sorry if this turns out to be utter bullshit.

    With the R4 being given with what I would call a heart transplant with the port of Yellow Goblin’s Wood RPG firmware, I thought it’d be worthwhile in comparing it to AKAIO maintained by Normmat and Smiths. I’ll be writing this from the viewpoint of both an R4 and AK2 user so hopefully I can notice the differences between the two. (though I must state I don’t own an AK RPG so don’t how Wood differs on the RPG and R4)

    Firstly it would be important to state some facts here. Wood R4 is based of Yellow Goblin’s firmware for the Acekard RPG which had an open source code. So to describe it as AKAIO for the R4 is not correct. Also some people are wondering about Team Acekard, I can only guess that they don’t care. The AK RPG is no longer in production and is no longer supported so they wouldn’t have anything to gain by Wood RPG remaining exclusive.

    Now for the comparison. On a first look, Wood R4 looks and feels very good. Its easy on the eye and rather responsive. And the same can be said for AKAIO. However there are some areas where I feel AKAIO is better on. When you change a theme on Wood R4, you have to manually turn the DS off in order for the theme to change whilst in AKAIO the theme automatically changes when selected. And when you go into settings it goes like this:

    System settings>Interface settings>File system settings>Patches>GBA settings.

    And you cannot move from GBA settings>>System setting. Whereas in AKAIO you can. Admittedly I’m probably nitpicking here especially as there have been more releases of AKAIO than Wood but I do like these little things AKAIO does.

    I will now examine the features of both firmwares. I must state that I’m not one of those people that views features like RTS as important or particulary impressive so I’m going to be exactly demanding here. Both can natively support the EZ Flash 3in1 and as I own one this was always going to be a good feature for me. Both work fine form my testing though I do wish Wood would have a separate section for the EZ Flash 3in1 like AKAIO does but this mainly because of my own preference for organisation. Instead Wood’s 3in1’s settings are in split the system settings and the tools section. Both also support wii connectivity but I don’t have wii and I don’t think I can link pokemon to my copy of Disgaea 3. AKAIO does have features which Wood lacks, such as being able to use both .sav and nds.sav save extensions, commercial rom and homebrew soft reset ( Though commercial rom soft reset should be added to wood) and to be able to update cheat files and loaders via wifi.

    However we must now move onto the most important function of flashcarts, rom compatibility. Currently both carts have 99.9% compatibility so their evenly matched in that regard. For AKAIO users this is really nothing new, Normmatt’s clearly talented for seen when he cracked the anti-piracy of pokemon HG/SS before they were even dumped. For the R4 user this is a feeling they wouldn’t have felt for quite some time. As an R4 user this fantastic, as support for the R4 has died out and now reliant on the DSTT. Its like a lease of life hence the heart transplant analogy. So I compiled a mini Rom compatibility test to show off Wood R4. Basically I just chose some roms that couldn’t be loaded or work on R4 v1.18.

    Bookworm: PASS
    Bejewled Twist: PASS
    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars: PASS
    Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story: PASS
    Pokemon Soul Silver: PASS
    Sonic Classic Collection: PASS

    All in all, Wood R4 works fantastically and I presume it’ll work fine with DSi enhanced games which the R4/ Ysmenu had previous problems. Which would certainly please the likes of Innuh who can now play Jam Sessions 2.

    In conclusion, I think as a homebrew scene we should count ourselves lucky to have two impressive projects. Yellow Goblin has done a fantastic job in porting Wood onto the R4 and has made many people overjoyed with this. Whilst Normmatt has made what should be a lacklustre cart into one of the best in the business. Admittedly this is shit conclusion.

    Summary: Both are good and if you have an R4 make the switch to Wood RPG.

    Wood R4 FAQ by Mages4Ever
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    Just got wood. [​IMG]

    Sorry! Tried to resit but just couldn't help it.
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    I gotta say I think that this is a great thing that YWG has done for R4 users.
    The problem with having to turn DS off after switching themes is a bug (Mentioned in the original post) and maybe that will be fixed in future updates (Users are advised to report any bugs noticed through the original discussion...you should all do that and help YWG make this as good as it can be).
    About Team Acekard and the RPG code... the code was released open source from the beginning and I assume has been used by others before this.
    Still cannot believe this... YWG on R4 how good is that.
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    May 4, 2009
    To add to the essay YES DSi enhanced games do work on Wood R4!
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    Dec 4, 2009
    For the original R4 owners this is indeed very good news, i am impressed with game compatabilities too! Nice job.
  6. Rayder

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    Just to test, I put this FW in my old R4.......it ran beautifully. I put in a few games known to be problematic and they ran fine. This firmware is full of win for any original R4 users.
  7. iamthemilkman

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    Yup, this firmware is buttery smooth and works like a charm so far. [​IMG] There's a few expected hitches here and there that could be made smoother, but I expect that in future iterations.

    YWG has performed a miracle.
  8. Blastoise

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    Mar 14, 2009
    Tis' the best. Im using it now. Thankyou so much. Im an original R4 user... CBF getting a better one. Will probs get Acekard next week though.
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    Nice comparison.
    Only thing that would be a benefit to many people would be to have a side by side speed test comparison to an AK2i and R4, with Akaio and Wood R4 respectively.
  10. RupeeClock

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    I think Wood R4 warrants a re-review of the R4DS.
    Considering Shoptemp sells near-identical R4DS that are compatible with WoodR4, that ShopTemp uses GBATemp reviews for their products, and that Wood R4 transforms the R4 into something much better, a new review to reflect this is really necessary.

    I mean the current R4 review says that a lot of homebrew that uses a File-system won't work!

    Wood R4 and current R4 prices, but with the limitation of 2gb storage and no DSi support...it makes the R4DS *the* cheap solution.
  11. basher11

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    Wood R4 kicks ass.

    that basically summarizes it up [​IMG]
  12. CrimzonEyed

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    Maybe need an update? [​IMG]
    Now times wood almost update faster than AKAIO team.
  13. iluvfupaburgers

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    i agree that wood is a much better firmware, since it gets regular updates, but the bad thing is the size limitation of the SD card, you can only use up to 2gb in sizze in r4s that can use wood. akaio in the other hand is also good because of the updates you can get for the loader while on the ds, and there are regular updates of this too. plus, you can use up to 32gb of memory in acekards
  14. ThatDudeWithTheFood

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    I think if wood had came out at the same time that AKAIO did Wood would be better.Wood would lol...
  15. Inunah

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    Congratulations, you are the 9001st person to misspell my username!

    I swear, nobody can spell my username at all. [​IMG]

    On the other hand, you can erase that bit, since I'm not a fan of Jam Sessions 2 now that I've found the same exact shit as a side-thing in Jam with the Band. XD

    On topic... Good review. But you forgot to mention how quickly updates come out and other nitpicky stuff.
  16. emigre

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    It was written about seven months ago [​IMG]

    Maybe I should do an update sometime.
  17. Evo.lve

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    I HAD an R4, back when I was a n00b and had no idea how to use it. Threw it away I think. Now I just use an Ak2i running AKAIO. Absolutely beautiful (though I would love an SCDS2)
  18. naruses

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    Your Mom