A warning regarding Rock Band: Don't ever delete your songs!

Discussion in 'Wii - Console and Game Discussions' started by Videomanman87, Apr 29, 2014.

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    Probably everyone knows this, but I didn't see it mentioned when I searched.

    In short don't delete your songs if you are short on space thinking "I will just download them again". While that is normally ok, Harmonix is removing songs they can't renew the license for (not a lot but there have been 20-30 in the past year) . And IF you remove the song and try to download it later, and Harmonix removes it from the store, you can't download it again at all. I just found this out as on the 30th they were to remove "I can't stop believing" well as of yesterday it was already removed from the store and I can't download it again. :( I am asking around but doesn't look like anyone has it. I thought they were removing it from sale, not from ever downloading it again. Their warnings should say "hey everyone be sure to download and KEEP this song as you wont be able to later!" :/

    So don't delete your songs. Get another SD, used a HD, or store them on to your computer if need be but don't delete! You may not be able to download them again if Harmonix has to remove them. OR if Nintendo has to take down the store. Which at the moment they say they are keeping it up after May 20th, but I guess we will see on (or around as they can't seem to actually tell dates) May 20th.
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