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    Nov 7, 2002
    I'm looking for an audio video selector to switch consoles on the fly. I have one with 4 outputs but I'm looking for a bigger one with at least 8 outputs but 10 would be best. I don't want to put two togetter because of the loss of quality. I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything so if you have one or saw one only please tell me, Thanks!
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    Multiple devices on one TV I take it (your use of the word output confused me).

    Assuming standard definition and you not being willing to make your own I suggest a scart switching box, this is one of those get what you pay for areas both in terms of quality and features: more expensive have either (limited) auto switching or add another remote to the collection.

    10 outputs places you squarely in professional range with a professional pricetag to boot (an entry level 10 way will run you about 3 times that of a really nice 4 way). I am not familiar with Canadian shops/websites so I do not know how much justice I can do this.

    Here is a 6 input:

    If you are willing to up the ante a bit a media "hub" should also work:

    To be fair though it might just be easier in the long haul to swap by hand and use any video/dvd player/recorder inputs for consoles while saving the TV for the DVD player and stuff like that.
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    Fast, do these A/V switchers have any effect on quality?
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    I got some A/V Selector from Blockbuster -- Can't remember who made it, but it's a 6 or 7 system input, and there's been ZERO quality loss [​IMG] It's excellent if you have tons of AV hookups! - Was only $20