A tool to delete sound files [Zelda: A Link to the Past]

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  1. megabug7

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    Feb 4, 2004

    Does a tool exist that will allow me to delete Link's incessant voice whenever he strikes his sword? :angry:

    So glad Link yells only when he does the spin attack in A Link Between Worlds

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    GBA sound hacking is not quite as well developed as DS sound hacking, however assuming it uses the sappy sound format (and being a Nintendo game it is a very good bet) then you can get something done.

    Your main options are break the sample itself, point it somewhere else or reduce the software volume to 0.
    http://filetrip.net/gba-downloads/tools-utilities/download-sappy-2006-mod-171-f30549.html has a copy of sappy.

    The main people do to sappy related work seem to be Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Advance wars and Golden sun. I have not see a great deal of stuff I am inclined to link coming out of the former two (they use methods that work but not ones I am inclined to pass on).
    Advance wars stuff
    Golden sun stuff is more editor oriented or ripping.
    General documents

    If for some reason it does not use sappy (and being a SNES port it is a possibility) then the audio system is well documented ( http://belogic.com/gba/ ) so you can still get something done.
  3. megabug7

    megabug7 Forum Relic

    Feb 4, 2004
    I tried Sappy which did scan the rom but didn't find any sounds said it probably doesn't use M4A, and I have no knowledge of how to do this manually (i.e. reducing the software volume to 0)

    Thanks for posting the links and replying :)
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