A "Thank You!" to the mods

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    I'm gonna be straight up. I have had my troubles with mods. I haven't be the best temper, and I still get away with some stuff now and then ;). I am not asking for anything mods, but I just want to say thank you, on behalf of myself, and everybody who uses this website.

    1. You never fail to amaze me. Even the simplest of things can be caught by your eyes and taken down. I know there is help from the community with the Report button, but it still takes efforts from you guys to put an end to it.
    2. You have personalities. Most mods I have come to interact with online are complete jackasses. You guys are the perfect blend of fun and strict. Like that teacher I always dreamed of but only had once. You are actually interested in the mod community (well, most of you) and can have fun. I can browse through a thread and see one of your posts and notice that it isn't always a simple "stop or thread gets the :switch: (lock)"
    3. You are helpful even with small problems. You don't ignore somebody if they PM you. Granted, you might take some time but everybody can count on you to take care of them.

    I know that doesn't cover everything, but it is what I immediately noticed within the first few months of me being here, and that means a lot.

    So, on behalf of GBATemp, I say, Than you!
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    Awww :shy:
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