A suggestion about ban/suspend

Discussion in 'Site Discussions & Suggestions' started by Dark_Firetime, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. Dark_Firetime

    Dark_Firetime GBAtemp Fan

    Nov 5, 2002
    i think the moderator must be more strict because i see ''stupid'' message or pointless topic on the forum everyday so i suggest 3 stages for people making a ****----> insert bad word here.. of Gbatemp first time a advertissement 2nd time a suspend 3rd time ban...it's sample and i think many people will be more happy if some stupid people are ban Gbatemp will go further without people like that....
  2. Tempest Stormwin

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    Oct 29, 2002
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    I know he's not on GBATemp (NOTE TO OPIUM: I don't mean to bash the people on your forum, man, but this guy's getting annoying. You know who he is. I just don't want to cast the first stone against him yet.) but it's a good example of spam. On the other hand, there's a couple we've had here, that as soon as they hit the "members" or "advanced members" categories, they stop spamming and actually contribute to conversation. Do they count as banning material now?
    [NOTE TO SELF: Reread last not to self, and answer "What the holy **** are you doing?"] [Reply to self: Done, and I have no idea.]
    [NOTE TO SELF: You are an idiot. Shut up.] [Reply to self: Shutting up now.]

    Form your opinons and let us know.

    -Tempest out.-
  3. Dranzer

    Dranzer Rom-Source Admin/Rep

    Nov 15, 2002
    United States
    We are fair, as fair can be. We do warn people. But as KiVan told me once

    "You cant ban/suspend stupidity"
  4. dice

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    Oct 26, 2002
    I think all the mods are doing a great job.
  5. neocat

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    Oct 24, 2002
    I think tempest has gone mad [​IMG]
    The mods are doing fine