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    May 28, 2020
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    The other day I tried dumping my legally bought Wii Virtual Console WADs of the first three Super Mario Bros. games for NES into ROM files that work with emulators. I achieved this by using the HxD Editor application on Windows, just in case anyone was wondering.

    I was successfully able to extract the ROMs of all three games from the WAD files, and they worked perfectly. However, I noticed something odd in Super Mario Bros. 2 (the American version). Normally there were blue waterfalls in that game, but in this game they're now black for some reason. The blue blocks that Birdo and other bosses stand on when you fight them also appear black.

    I'm not asking for a way to fix this, as it's a minor detail (other than that one level in world 3 where the waterfall takes up the whole background, making it kind of an eye sore with the black color). I just thought it might be interesting to some people. This is literally the only error that I came across out of all three games, which makes it even weirder.[​IMG]

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