A Spanish developer nominated for Ars Design Awards 2010

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    Since 1997 Apple has been giving so-called Apple Design Awards, recognizing those developers for Mac and iPhone applications that make true wonders of software. This year they've decided to restrict the scope of these awards to applications for iPhone and IPAD reliza, so many programmers of desktop applications have felt a bit slighted.

    Therefore, Ars Technica has decided to take the baton and hold a vote to elect the nominees of this year. This is where Hector Casado (aka Hectocasa, betatester of Waninkoko and my friend) comes into play, a Spanish student of Computer Engineering, which has developed Subv, a frontend for Subversion, a popular version control software widely used by programmers. Hector is one of the five nominees for best application for Mac OS X developed by students. One category in which the winner will be chosen by the staff of Ars Technica.

    From GBAtemp we wish all the luck to Hector to finally be declared the winner between 7 and June 11 during the WWDC.


    Grettings, Juanmatron.

    Yeah, I know I posted this 2 days after [​IMG] .
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    Yay, go you and other spanish developers!