A review of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii

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    Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is the latest game in the Resident Evil series, and the first new RE game on a current generation console. While it doesn't compare to any of the other RE games, it is still very fun; even if it doesn't last very long.

    RE:UC is basically a compilation of every major storyline in the RE universe (prior to Leon's adventure in RE4), split up into multiple acts. During the first act of the game, you play as Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen, as they explore the Ecliptic Express train during the events of RE Zero. The second act has you playing as Chris and Jill as they explore the mansion found in the original RE. The third act puts you in the shoes of Jill and Carlos, trying to evade the Nemesis and escape Raccoon City before it is annihilated. The fourth and final act in the game is a brand new storyline not found in any other RE game; and arguably, it's this game's claim to fame (rhyming not intentional). The final act has you playing as Chris and Jill, yet again, as they infiltrate Umbrella's headquarters in Russia, in an attempt to shut down Umbrella once and for all. Also, the game contains many hidden missions, where you experience events that took place in a certain story arc through the eyes of another character. For instance, you can unlock a special set of missions where you play as Wesker, and witness events through his eyes. This greatly helps flesh out the storyline a lot more, and it's interesting to experience these events through the eyes of the main antagonist.


    RE:UC is a light gun game, which means that the only thing you're controlling in this game is your character's gun; the computer does all the walking and looking for you. Although, you do have limited controls over where you're looking; this is only really useful if there are enemies all over the screen or if you spot an item that's _just_ out of sight.

    Speaking of controls; this game controls like a dream. It uses every function of the Wiimote perfectly, although it can be a little difficult trying to get precise aiming as the sensitivity is set a tiny bit too high. But once you get the hang of it, you'll be blowing off zombie heads left and right. It also has co-op play, although it's only local and not online. There are a wide variety of guns to choose from, but you can only pick one gun per mission. All the guns you expect to see in a RE game are here: you always have your trusty pistol to decapitate zombies, shotguns to deal damage to hordes of enemies, submachine guns to take care of small and hard-to-hit enemies, and rocket/grenade launchers for when you absolutely have to destroy everything in your path with one well-placed explosive. There are also character specific moves you can perform when a zombie gets too close for comfort. Jill has her trusty taser, Chris has a devastating knife attack + straight kick combo, and HUNK has the almighty neck snapping counter. In addition, you can also pick up grenades scattered around the level. There are only 2 types of grenades: the standard fragmentation grenade, and incendiary grenades. Unfortunately, flash grenades would only cause harm, and not help at all.


    For a game on the Wii, it certainly looks great. Everything is about on par with RE1 and RE4 on the good ol' Gamecube. Character animations are awesome; seeing a zombie's head explode as a result of a well placed pistol shot will never get old. There's really not much to be said about the graphics; while they're obviously not on par with the graphics on 360 games or PS3 games, they do their job well.

    ---Lasting Replay---

    While the average gamer will be satisfied with a simple rental, lovers of this genre and completionists will be playing this game for weeks on end. With tons of unlockable weapons and levels, there really is a lot to do in this game. In addition, there is a scoring system in the game, similar to the one in another great Capcom series, Devil May Cry. The game will judge how well you did in a level, based on things like accuracy, enemies killed, completion time, etc. and assign you a score, from a grade of "C" to "S". Getting an S-rank on all levels will take a very, very long time.


    Overall, this is a great action game on the Wii. If you're into killing hordes and hordes of zombies with a variety of different weapons, this game is for you. If you're a hardcore RE fan and want to know the full story of Umbrella's fate, this game is for you. If you're into action games in general, THIS GAME IS FOR YOU. Seriously, it's probably hit the bargain bin by now; and with Christmas coming in roughly a week, you can probably snag a copy of this game for dirt cheap. It's arguably cheaper, and easier, than tracking down a House of the Dead machine to dump a bag of quarters (or dollars, arcade games are expensive these days) into. And don't bring up the HotD game that's also available on the Wii, this one's way better.

    I give this game an 8/10, GO BUY IT.
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    I would like to add that those that decide to play this game to purchase the Nyko Perfect Shot. It's not that much, and although I haven't bought one yet, I have heard it increases the playability while adding more realism, apart from the reloading, anyways.

    It's a good idea if you decided to get some of the other light gun shooters, like Target:Terror, Ghost Squad, House of the Dead(Wii), Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, or whatever other ones there are.